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Q. Can you give me some tips for my OC Dusk
A. look at my oc and use that as a template ok?
 Aug 14th 2017 23:03

Q. you still wanna rp??...
A. Sorry my net went out
 Jun 27th 2016 21:32

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Hi, I'm Tink! Ty♥️ for adding me♥️
Dec 3rd 2020 03:49

eey there
Sep 11th 2020 20:44

"thanks for the add loser"
Jun 27th 2020 01:07

Pamela smiles confidently "thanks for adding me. Just don't push your luck. I might poison you with a kiss."
Apr 6th 2018 02:36

Thank you, Alex
May 20th 2016 23:51