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21 / Female / Single
California - United States
Hi everyone Cx

It's been a while! I haven't been on this site in about a year! Wow! Well hi, my name is Mia, but you can call me whatever you want! I use love slang so I hope you don't mind being called cutsie things!

I got off track again didn't I?

Well I enjoy writing with descriptive partners and thinking of awesome romance/action/adventure stories!

Want to get started? Check out my blog! I'll have my characters there soon!

Just a couple things before we get started, kay?

No one liners!

No romance stories with girls! (Sorry >.<)

No being rude >:c

Have lots of fun!

If you don't reply within 72 hours I will give you a nudge, if you don't acknowledge the nudge within another 72 hours you will be removed.

Want faster replies? Add me on discord! Ask and you shall receive!

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