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(Cheese (That is the only Option))
25 / Female / Forever Alone
Rhode Island - United States
Welcome to a profile full of many ideas. To give you a little background on me... I have been roleplaying for about 12 years and enjoy it quite a lot that I literally can't get enough! I am quite active on this website so if you're ever looking for someone to respond quickly. I am your girl! I do request that you read my rules in my blog before adding me! I am always looking for new partners so please if you think we may be a good fit please add me!! I do check my stalkers quite frequently so if you get a friend request from me then I feel like we would be a good match ^^

I cannot stress this enough!! Please read my rules before you friend me! Having others not read my rules before friending me and getting mad at me or blocking me when I enforce my rules or try to discuss the roleplays is honestly getting frustrating. So please read my rules before adding me.

If you aren't as active on here and would like another way to add and roleplay with me Here is my discord ^^

LilCheese (lilcheese6601)

(For all those Role-players that like dark romance themes I tend to enjoy them too so don't hesitate to add me!)

Ciao <3 I hope to see you in my Dm's :)

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So I am free for a few hours !!! Please hmu if you wanna role-play!!
2  Jul 12th 2024 15:23

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