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(Louis Martin)
22 / Male / Single
California - United States
Hello and welcome to my profile. Enjoy your stay and if you like what you see then please feel free to send me a friend request. So lets get to reason why you clicked on me. I have been on this site since October of 2016 but I been roleplaying ever since then. I bet your wondering what kind of roleplay i do. Well do not worry because i shall tell you right now. I do all sorts of roleplays but i mainly enjoy fantasy and real life ones with a hint of romance added to them. As you can tell i have a pokemon on my profile picture so that means i do also pokemon roleplays. Survival roleplays such as apocalyptic and being stranded in an unknown place are also I enjoy. I have been playing a lot of monster hunter world so hey a monster hunter roleplay would be interesting. If you dont see a type here feel free to frind me and ask if roleplay it (i most likely do.) Well that was a lot to read so thank you for reading all of it. As a thank i will send you a dancing panda if you ask for it. I have some characters already made so feel free to ask and i will send you there bio and a picture.

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Q. Hey
A. Ello
 Oct 26th 2018 13:42

Q. So what this panda doing ...
A. He just dancing
 Jul 28th 2018 02:29

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Hey ~pokes you~ hey
Oct 16th 2018 15:40