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(Charm Li)
30 / Female / Single
California - United States
Hi! My Main Character name is Charm, she is 5'7 tall, she has long brown hair. She is from East asia and is 28 years old.
She is very curvy, and she loves masculine men, but that doesn't mean she wont try females ~

Charmi likes some adventure so she's willing to try a lot of things. She's like a blank canvas who's new to everything, but who knows she may end up liking the same things. She recently got a tattoo on her lower back of a cherry blossom.

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ilove you
Dec 27th 2020 14:05

i love you
Dec 26th 2020 12:25

missing yuor lips an tongue
Dec 17th 2020 12:57

i just saw we started one you are so stunning my p**sy wet
Dec 14th 2020 07:24

shy are you???
Nov 18th 2020 10:28

are you into the rp
Nov 17th 2020 15:49

did i offend you xxx
Nov 10th 2020 14:40

you are gorgeous an i am back are you free
Nov 10th 2020 14:08

Ofcourse babe :*
Aug 4th 2020 09:05

Can we talk, please?
Jul 22nd 2020 23:18