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Chara's Blog


1. Nothing off this site. Except Google hangouts
2. Don't be a creep and ask for nsfw photos.
3. Don't be homophobic/racist.
4. Please don't send nsfw pictures.

This is about it.
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The lead horseman. Known as death. Is shown as a lady like figure with a blue glow. She is shown with a single eye were the other eye was is where the blue fire on her head begins. Her horse is a skeleton with a blue glow on its bones.
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The horseman known as famine. Is a very sickly figure covered with insects covering his entire body. He has a blind fold keeping his eye's covered. But he is shown as being just as deadly as his other horsemen in combat. His horse is skinny and starved. The horse has a blind fold just like his horseman rider.
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The horseman known as war. Is a very tall imposing figure. He is taller then the other three horseman. And is the most skilled at combat. He carries a gigantic sword which he swings easily. His horse is a dark red color. With fire coming out of his eyes and mouth.
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Little is known about the horseman known as pestilence the only thing we really know about him is he is dressed like a old fashioned plague doctor. And has the power to infect who ever they touch with a uncontrollable disease. His horse is covered in sores and cuts and has a sickly green color to it.
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