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(The pestilence.)
13 / Male / Forever Alone
No where., Afghanistan
Ello ello all my droogies. Welcome to my profile I'm chara. I do a lot of rps. But I mainly do romance and horror. This is about all I have to skazat so viddy you later my malenky brother's and sister's.

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"I found a new way to speak to confuse the hell out of people."
Mood: amused
4  22 hours ago

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Q. ''Hey chara,Care for a friendly spar?''
A. Sure.
 8 hours ago

Q. ''What if i told you that you almost got me pregnant...?''
A. "Excuse me?"
 23 hours ago

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''Y-your PFP looks cool and s-scary!''
Jun 12th 2019 17:35 don't put pineapple on pizza... It's just bad.
Jun 11th 2019 18:52