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Chan's Blog

The Day.

As he said, he went to Earth and bought an owl to deliver the letter to Huodong. He had no certainty that it would work, but he hoped so, since otherwise he would have to return to that place to deliver the message himself.
The owl took about 5 days to get there and return with the answer, that was positively received. Huodong accepted to meet in the location they chose, in order to perform the exchange.
The days it took for the message to travel also gave Lianxi and Xingxi the chance to study the location and prepare in the best way possible.

The Day of the meeting comes even too fast for Chan's tastes. He doesn't manage to get rid of that feeling on uneasiness concerning Huodong and the guy he saw there. He somewhat hope that the guy is not their leader and that he won't show up to the meeting.
Persuading WooPil to not come is probably the worst part of it, but eventually he manages to convince him over the fact that "only few people can come or they will find the situation suspicious". After all, his part of the plan is to teleport away with WuXing as soon as there is the chance and avoid the possible troubles coming next.

Lianxi and Xingxi people arrive to the neutral location with some advance over the time they decided and have to wait for Huodong, but they too arrive with some advance, just not as much as them.
The people from Huodong who came look all pretty rough and threatening, but they have WuXing with them and although the kid is evidently terrified, he doesn't seem to be hurt in any way. They are 10 people and a man among them acts as if he was the leader.
Chan can't help but be relieved that the guy he saw indeed isn't present.

At first, everything would appear to be going smoothly, except that at some point, before the exchange, Huodong guards start to get suspicious, as if they sensed the trap.
There is a little chaos starting, that quickly escalates in a mess.
Not having much time to think, Chan reacts as quickly as he can to grab WuXing and teleport back to Lianxi with him. In the process, though, he ends up teleporting also the person who was holding the kid, inadvertently making a prisoner from Huodong.

On the other side, the situation is dire and the Huodong are heavily outnumbered by the Xingxi soldiers that were hiding in the forest.
The only person among the Huodong who can teleport, grabs the first Lianxi/Xingxi person he can reach and disappears with him, while rest of the people stay there to fight till the end. They could have easily joined the teleporting guy and left with him, but it was evident they didn't want to.
Since XinLan joined the fight and he was no easy target, due to his position in the battle, the Huodong who took Hudie didn't have the chance to take him.
It was a random take, rather than a choice, just to avoid to return empty handed to the real leader.

After teleporting, Hudie finds himself right behind the very tall, rocky walls (outside) that Chan and Shangque saw and gets surrounded by various guards that help to restrain him. They aren't gentle at all and if Hudie struggles, they don't hesitate to beat him up until he becomes more cooperative, one way or another.
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When he returns home after meeting YoonPil at the cells, he warns WooPil about this new brother. He still has a lot of messes in his mind, after what Qi revealed to him, so he was a bit distracted even while interacting with the new Pil and forgot many things that he said. In other words, he doesn't manage to tell WooPil much about him, except that he is the twin of JoonPil and that he faked to commit that crime in order to be able to escape from Zae.
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Steps forward.

WooPil wasn't happy at all by the new logistic plan. He can't stay without Chan, he feels panicked to death all the time, especially at night. It doesn't help his abandonment syndrome and his traumas from the previous life.
Chan didn't think his boyfriend would take it so bad, since it's only a couple of weeks and only at night. He tries to make sure to be with WooPil every other moment of the day, even going to bother him at work. He doesn't know what causes WooPil to have such a hard time without him, but the matter worries him badly. If he can't be well a few nights without him, what would it be if they had to be parted entirely for weeks or months? It starts to give him doubts whether joining the research team would be a good idea for him.

At the moment, WooPil just finished to work and he is accompanying him home to have dinner together and spend some time there, before he will have to go back to sleep at Qi's place.
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Well, damn.

He actually tried to cheat, he was sure to have taken the same house for himself and WooPil. Needless to say he was overly disappointed, but at least WooPil gets to keep their house and Gino usually doesn't bother him.
Since he gave his word, he has to obey the will of case and packs a few of his things to move by Qi with TiHao, who becomes surprisingly approving.

He counts on the fact that it will be just for a couple of weeks, just the time it will take to build some new places for all these newcomers. He doesn't plan to live parted from his boyfriend for long.

He and TiHao heads to Qi's place and wait for the others to show them where they will be sleeping and all.
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Sweet home Lianxi.

When the three are done with the pirates, there are literally body parts falling from the walls. Blood everywhere and they are especially covered in it.
Cleaning that mess would take weeks and they certainly can't take that yacht back to the port in that state.

Chan's main concern at that point is to avoid traumatizing the soft ones for life by showing themselves, or the rest of the ship, to their delicate eyes.
He phones Qi and asks him to teleport them all back in his apartment in Seoul, so they can start to prepare the stuff to bring back.
Meanwhile, himself, TiHao and Hudie will wash the blood off their bodies and wear clean clothes before joining there too.
They decide to simply abandon the yacht there, so people will think they tried to some dinosaurs out of Isla Sorna.

At the apartment, WooPil tells Qi about Hudie's plan about the new people with them. He doesn't tell him that the idea is from Hudie but also specifies that it's not his idea — he hardly manages to accept credit for what he deserves, he would never steal credit.
Anyhow, to make things the safest, Qi can open a portal for the guys straight into Chan's house in Lianxi, while Qi and the others will return to Xingxi, like nothing ever happened. XD

After sending the new people to Lianxi and getting as much dirty food and Earth supplies as possible into their infinite purses and backpacks, group two returns to Xingxi, through a portal that leads straight back into Chan's room.
It's very early morning, since they returned with a fair advance from the plans.
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