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29 / Female / Married
Pennsylvania - United States
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My IRL body is male, but you're here for roleplay so that won't matter. I can play any type of girl you want.

Or if you just want to chat, I'm a great listener.

I'm very open to All kinds of requests, but some of them might need to stay in PMs. Just let me know upfront what you're looking for so we can get to the fun part faster. Don't be shy. I love being able to fulfill your fantasy.

I also don't list my characters, as I build a brand new one with every roleplay unless one of the girls already fits the bill.

As for reply length, I tend to match whatever my partner sends me. Most people will do one liners or semi paragraphs, so that's what I can default to, but don't be afraid to send me a full novella reply. you might be surprised.

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