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Cerulian's Blog

Harlia Jane Fletcher

Full name: Harlia Jane Fletcher
Nicknames: Hally /Harley
Gender: Female (She/her/hers)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 24
Born in: Carlisle, England
Birthday: November 23rd
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Languages spoken: English and French
Occupation: Journalist at Daylight News

Height: 5'3
Body build: Slim
Hair colour: Chestnut brown with blue streaks
Hair type: Soft, straight
Hairstyle:Tied up into a pony tail or let down. Sometimes curled.
Eye colour: Pine, Dark green.
Glasses/Contacts: None
Scars: None
Prominent features: Button nose, slim figure. Perky chest.
Piercings: Just her ears.
Tattoos: None.

-Kind hearted
-Sometimes a bit of a doormat.
-Overworks herself.
-Easily put into melancholy

Type of humour: Terrible jokes, puns.
Outlook on life: Take it day by day. To try and help as many people as she can.
Fears: Overly graphic gore. Death. Losing those she loves.
Strengths: Empathy, caring and sweet disposition. Hardworking. Flexible
Weaknesses: Doesn't often stand up for herself. Not very strong.

Hobbies: Reading and exercising. She loves cooking and baking.
Smokes: No.
Drinks: Rarely.
Other drugs: No.

Colour: Pale blue.
Music: Indie pop and rock. Sometimes classical
Food: Hearty food. Stews and dinners with lots of vegetables. (She's vegetarian)
Literature: Fantasy, romance, the newspaper she works at.
Entertainment: Music, Books, Nature documentaries
Season: Spring
Holiday: Christmas
Mode of transportation: Subway
Most prized possession: Her silver locket with a picture of her father and mother on one side and her sister on the other.

Likes: Reading , music, going for hikes and conversing.
Dislikes: Not trying her hardest. Being left alone.

Mother: Carmen Fletcher. Deceased after giving birth to her younger sister.
Father: Nicholas Fletcher. A banker who lives in England, Carlisle. A kind warm man who brought her and her sister up by himself.
Younger sister: Adrianna Carmen Fletcher. A young sixteen year old still in secondary school.

Harlia was born in the Lake district England. She had a normal childhood up until her younger sister was born when her whole world got turned upside down when her mother died. Leaving her and her baby sister without a mother and her father a widower. Her father struggled for a while, not having the time to mourn with a little baby he had to look after and Harlia only a young child. But they managed to get through it as a family And Harlia went to New york to study journalism. Which made her father incredibly proud of her. Now she lives in a small apartment in Brooklyn on her own. She still has her north west English accent, so many look at her a little funny when they hear her speak. But she loves America and the big apple and has no intention of leaving just yet.
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Guidelines *~ (^-^) ~*

Just a few guidelines to what I'm about~

*- Multi paragraphs, Paragraphs or Novella. If you don't mind.

*- NSFW/Smut. Happy to write, though I don't like straight up ERP there has to be something else going on or at least somewhat of a build up even if its just a few posts.

*- If you add me I expect you to message me within a day or so. I will do the same if I add you

*-I will make characters per RP, I may add some I come up with to my blog if I like them.

*- I tend to lean more submissive but I'm fine to play a more of a switch on occasion.
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