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19 / Female / Single and Looking
Rather Not Say, Florida - United States
• H e l l o • (・∀・)
-I am Laci and I am a full time submissive :>

-I am looking for a long-term dominant.

-You must have Discord, Snapchat, or Instagram. (I use those to contact you because I will not be active here 24/7).

-We don’t have to revolve around roleplay. We can just talk whenever you would like!

-You must reply within 48 hours or I will un-add/block you. “Inactivity serves no purpose whatsoever.”

-I will return the same attitude you give to me!

-When it comes to plots, you can pick it! I am a very indecisive individual.
• C a n ‘ t | w a i t | t o | h e a r | f r o m | y o u ! •

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