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Questions for CelestiaLudenberg

MangoNekros asked the question
Q. What would happen if I was to beat you in a game of Poker, Celeste?
A. Huh!?
I do not believe that could happen...
But, if it *did* somehow happen...
I would be very proud of you. I wonder if it is possible.......
ImNotSakine asked the question
Q. Hey Celestia, @HifumiYamada is saying he's your future husband. Is this true?
A. Of course not...He is merely my biggest fan, as it seems...He is just obsessed, I would never get married to such a fat, stupid, lard-assed................! Um, I will spare you hearing the rest...
ImNotSakine asked the question
Q. If Kaito was a Danganronpa character, he would be the ultimate femboy.
And no, I am not talking about Kaito Momota. He's the ultimate astronaut.
A. You mean....If he went to my exact school.
Instead, he'd probably be, 'The Ultimate Kitty Cat'. Because, he truly is good at being tiny and lovable, Hehehe!
RedSunshine asked the question
Q. ''Can i keep my freedom?''
A. Until I ask you to do something, you are free to live naturally.
However...When I ask you to do something...You MUST do it.
Monokuma asked the question
Q. does dis count as a question?
A. Well.....Yes.
ToukoFukawa asked the question
Q. "I love you......Why don't you love me back?"
A. ...?
Why would you love me? I know I am a god to worship.
But, I hope you mean platonically...
Hellbound_psychopath asked the question
Q. Eh *Eats on his carrot.* What's up doc? Lol
Keep that profile picture FOREVER AND EVER!
KyoukoKirigiri asked the question
Q. Okay, whatever Celestia, just know that I am here.
A. Yeah...Uhuh.
KyoukoKirigiri asked the question
Q. Stop being sarcastic, what happened?
A. You couldn't help me even if I told you.
Besides, I said that I was f***ing peachy.
So lay off if you please, Dear?
KyoukoKirigiri asked the question
Q. Are you okay? You looked sad at school today, so I felt like I should ask.
A. Yeah, I'm totally f***ing okay, Like, I'm the best.