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CelestiaLudenberg's Blog


1. I shall not participate in sexual Roleplays.
2. I do not do romance on it's own. MAKE THE ROLEPLAY UNIQUE.
3. No furry Roleplay...
4. Do not question my name.
5. Do not show me sexually suggestive photos in Private Message.
6. Use some punctuation, please.
7. If you unfriend me, you best have a reason. And, please tell me that reason...
9. We shall not meet in person, outside of this site.
10. Be respectful.
That is all, I will give you lots of freedom, just...Don't break these rules, and I won't have to break your legs...
~Thank you for reading~
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2 | 0 Comments | May 19th 2019 18:28

How many times have I died in a Roleplay?

1:My house exploded. Also blowing me to pieces in a Roleplay that was supposed to be "Real Life" but turned into "Romance and Comedy" and I spilt random poison on the stove and...Um, Yeah.
2:Jumped out of a tree expecting to be caught and splatted on the ground.
3:Tied cinder blocks to my feet and jumped in the ocean to pretend to be drowning so Naegi could save me and regain confidence.
4:Stabbed myself in another world Roleplay thinking it was all a dream although it wasn't...
5:Was about to be BBQed but got rekt by a party pooper firetruck.
6:Died of an heart attack after seeing Gakupo kiss Kaito and bring him back to life from the dead.
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2 | 10 Comments | Mar 25th 2019 21:10

About Me ♥

My name is Celestia Ludenberg, However I prefer to be called Celeste by my friends. I am The Ultimate Gambler, Meaning, I have never lost A gamble, Of any type, Blackjack, Poker, Go Fish, Checkers, Chess, Russian Roulette, Even A coin toss. I have even tested myself in life or death situations only relying on my Gambling Luck to save me. I believe I cannot lose since I have been gambling since...Actually no one needs to know how long I have been gambling.
But my point was and still is that will never lose.
Anyway, Enough of that topic...
So...I want to take A quick moment to mention my Roleplay Interests.
French History:I like Roleplaying as Marie Antoinette, Actually...Truth be told she was my childhood idol and still is, Hehehe!
Anime:Anime is not bad, Since it is ALL you people Roleplay...
Horror:Anything thrilling and scary that can spice things up A bit and change the atmosphere.
Real Life:Realistic things can make an Roleplay quite fun, Actually.
Any:I am very versatile, And so I like new kinds of Roleplays.
Ancient:Anything ancient puts me in deep thought about the histories.
Custom:I will do A Roleplay that we make together too.
Also, Time to straighten up the line AGAIN.
Play that sh*t and it is OVER!!!
Now I sound like an angry wife who is scolding her husband...Oops. I didn't mean to come off as rude. Just trying to make A point.
Anyway, Time to list some things about me.
Name:Celestia Ludenberg/Celeste Ludenberg.
Birthday:November 23rd.
Sexual preference:Male, Hetrosexual.
Gender:Cisgender Female.
Race:Human, German and French.
Good Friends: @ToukoFukawa @DarlinChild @DanteRedgrave @AoiAsahina @MakotoNaegi @Chihiro_Fujisaki @IAMTHEBOSS @KyoukoKirigiri @soju @TheRealKaitoShion .
Okay...So I suppose this is the end of my description.
Thank you for reading. Please do Roleplay or Chat with me and tell me something about you. Farewell dear Reader-Shi, I cannot wait to speak with you. Hehehe!

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3 | 0 Comments | Mar 24th 2019 18:59