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(Celestia Ludenberg)
19 / Female / Forever Alone
West Fargo, North Dakota - United States
Hello, my name is Celestia Ludenberg, however, I go by Celeste.
Welcome to my profile! Hehehe! My little slice of heaven.
I must say, I am very experienced as a roleplayer, and I do all lengths.
I am also open to all genres, since I am very interested in uniqueness.
I will not do the same roleplay over again, I'll have you know.
Also, I am open to chat anytime, if you would prefer, dear.
I would also like you to be well-aware of my ranking system, so...
Please do ask about my ranking system, dear.
@TheRealKaitoShion / He is an adorable kitty, I love him a lot.
@AoiAsahina / She is a friend from school, she is so positive, a good friend!
@ToukoFukawa / She is another friend from school, she is kinda weird though.
@ByakuyaTogami / He...Is also a friend from school, don't friend him though.
@MakotoNaegi / A school friend, but he is nice...
@ChihiroFujisaki / She is a good friend from school!
@DanteRedgrave / He has been in my friends list forever, a good friend.
@soju / A pancake loving friend! he is very nice. XD
@KyoukoKirigiri / The most MYSTERIOUS friend I have at school...Literally...
@Hellbound_Psychopath / My pet bunny rabbit. Hehehe!
@JunkoEnoshima / Another weirdo friend from school.
@MukuroIkusaba / Junko's twin sister, she is also a friend from my school.
@Togami_Fangirl / A wonderful Roleplayer.
@LeonKuwata / A school friend who *also* exists. (:
@SusanooNoMikoto / My...Son? Yes, uh, Roleplay son.
@Cool_as_f***_NOT / My Roleplay sister.
Hehehe! Anyway, thank you for reading! I will be awaiting your presence...

Latest Status

I get some time on here right now.
Sayaka said she was gonna get some sleep.

This is my time to reply to everyone and relax a bit...
Mood: tired
0  Jun 16th 2019 23:37

Latest Questions

MamasBoy asked the question
Q. Hey role play ?
A. ...
Ah, sure...
Why not?...
 Jun 15th 2019 22:49

Q. Why are you so "Mother material" ?
A. Ehehe! I haven't a clue, dear.
 Jun 5th 2019 13:32

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*Throws suga at u*
Jun 17th 2019 00:38

What's up?
Jun 12th 2019 21:45

I love you Mother.
May 27th 2019 23:03

"In what way you say that,ma'am?"
May 27th 2019 00:04

"I have heard from many people that you ARE ON FIRE." ;)
May 27th 2019 00:02

Hey, little Ms.Liar!
May 25th 2019 09:06

*Beats you at a coin flip, waits for eternal death*
May 19th 2019 20:51

May 19th 2019 16:46

Im just gonna place this here...
May 16th 2019 18:53

''You know what? Share those screenshots! I don't care!''
May 13th 2019 23:45