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(Celestia Ludenberg.)
20 / Female / Forever Alone
United States
♠ Hello! My name is Celestia Ludenberg, however, I prefer to go by the name Celeste. I am The Ultimate Gambler, I go to Hope's Peak Academy under that title. I haven't lost a bet in my life, and I don't think I ever will, either. I'm here to make new friends, evolve my writing skills, and rank some people.

♦ You might be wondering *how* I rank people, I shall describe my ranking system here. But do keep in mind, I only rank males. Anyway, I rank people from F-Rank to A-Rank. The ranks are F, D, C, B, and A. F-Rank is the lowest rank, I don't talk to these type of people, and I'm absolutely sure someone who sins enough to be in that rank category deserves to die. D-Rank is where one begins, I have no particular opinion on these people, nor do I care about them. C-Rank is where things get interesting...C-Ranks are those I call "my knights", these people are ones I prefer over the rest of the crowd, this rank comes with the priority of protecting me, and being my servant. If you aren't up for that; you should either leave, or try to stay away from any rank but D. Now, B-Ranks are people I strongly feel for, if you get this rank, you have to live up to it. Don't attempt to break my heart, because if you lose my trust from this rank, I shall not mercy you...Oh, my...I sound rather cruel, don't I? Not that you mind, right? Just avoid doing anything that will get you to F-Rank, and you should be safe. A-Rank is...the highest rank. Normally, these people would be more than friends with me. In the entire existence of my ranking system, no one has ever been higher than a C-Rank. But of course, I continue searching. It is not like I'm in any hurry, really. This ranking system was designed specially for my can ask me about that if you want. Hehehe!

♣ Now...This is a role-play site. I need to put down some role-play details, and I figure now is the perfect time to do so. I come up with characters based on the plot, or I play canon characters, if not real life people. I'm open for most things, I am not *that* picky about what I write, I do ask that it isn't sexual though. If you want to know what genres I prefer, then...I enjoy ancient history-themed role-plays, if not fantasy themes. I also enjoy lots of drama in my role-plays. Horror is also fun for me, and I like adding action and adventure in there sometimes. I can do modern themes too, if you want. At this point, you're probably wondering about my length. I do semis and paragraphs, multiple paragraphs sometimes, but usually a single paragraph. I hope that you won't constantly reply with one-liners, I do hate those kinds of role-plays, it feels effortless...This also means that I'd prefer that you don't respond with a single dot, like this, "." Anyway, I'm sure that is enough when it comes to role-play, yes?

♥ Now I just want to shout-out to my online family real quick, before I end the bio. @SusanooMikoto is my son, he's a lovely god, and I am proud to have raised him. I am also the parent of @AmaterasuOmikami, who is my daughter. She popped up pretty late, and I don't know her that well, but I enjoy having her around. @SusanoosWife is my daughter-in-law, who I very much enjoy talking to. @Gyro is my grandson, a very important person to me, and @snowflake is my great-granddaughter, whom I love dearly.

> Thank you for reading my bio! I have great respect for those who pay attention, it would be nice if you told me that you read this bio if you did. Anyway, I hope we become wonderful friends! Goodbye!

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A. NOW what do you say?
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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Celestia, happy birthday to youuu, AND ANYMORE!
Sorry I was late.
Nov 24th 2019 03:24

I-I CAN'T! I'M UNDERAGED!! I JUST S-STEAL THEM-..O-Oh..Uhh..F-Forget I said anything!!
Nov 24th 2019 03:15

I-I don't have anymore cigarettes..!
Nov 24th 2019 03:07

N-No! It's my only stress reliever!..I haven't smoked since last week, anyways!..P-Plus, I don't do it a-alot!
Nov 24th 2019 03:00

I always smoke, Grandma..Didn't you know?
Nov 24th 2019 02:46