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(Celestia Ludenberg)
19 / Female / Forever Alone
West Fargo, North Dakota - United States
Hello, my name is Celestia Ludenberg, but I prefer being addressed as Celeste or Celes. Welcome to my profile!
I am The Ultimate Gambler, I come from Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan.
I wish to speak with you soon, either chat, or discuss a Roleplay, I do not mind either. My Roleplay rules are below.

I will not accept Er*t*c Roleplay requests.
I will not meet you in real life.
If you take a while to respond, like a month or two, I may unfriend you.
I will jump STRAIGHT INTO a Roleplay if that is what you would like.
If I take a while to respond I am likely busy, or thinking about what I should say.
Also, as a reminder, I don't do Er*t*c Roleplay, I also don't do Romance.

@HatsuneMiku / A wonderful person, please friend her, she is amazing.
@TheRealKaitoShion / He is an adorable kitty, I love him a lot. Friend him too!
@AoiAsahina / She is a friend from school, she is so positive, a good friend!
@darlinchild / She is a good friend, I miss our small talk. (⌒▽⌒)☆
@ToukoFukawa / She is another friend from school, she is kinda weird though.
@ByakuyaTogami / He...Is also a friend from school, don't friend him though.
@MakotoNaegi / A school friend, but he is nice, so you should friend him.
@ChihiroFujisaki / She is a good friend from school, so, please friend her.
@AmaterasuOmikami / A good Roleplayer. Friend her for Anime Roleplay.
@soju / A pancake loving friend! Please friend him, he is very nice. XD
@DanteRedgrave / He will be deleting his account soon...But I still like him!
@ImNotSakine / She is fun and interesting, besides, she is a VOCALOID.
@KyoukoKirigiri / The most MYSTERIOUS friend I have at school...Literally...
@Suga_Kookie / He is a good friend on here, friend him as well!
@Moochi / A wonderful friend on here, he is very humorous. Friend him too!
And that...Was A LOT of shoutouts...My hands are exhausted...
Oh, I forgot to mention that I also speak, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. I mainly know these BECAUSE of the translator. But, I know them, sorta...So if you want to speak in those languages to me, that would be wonderful! Anyway, I hope that you decide to speak to me, goodbye!

Latest Status

I feel so very sorry for those people who died or lost their families in Mississippi...Oh dear, that was a tragedy to cry about...
However...I suppose there is nothing to be done about it.

Mood: sympathetic
5  Apr 19th 2019 18:28

Latest Questions

Q. Did U actually block naegi!?
A. ...
 Mar 27th 2019 18:12

Q. Is everything okay? How are you doing?
A. Right now?
Why do you always ask how I am doing? Do you have an scheme?
Eh...Whatever...I am not happy as of NOW. but only because I am lonely...I have learned, Even I, Celestia Ludenberg is affected
 Mar 24th 2019 22:13

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Well, you were too far away so that's that.
Apr 20th 2019 04:08

Apr 20th 2019 00:16

Apr 19th 2019 22:41

Thank You For Following Me
Apr 19th 2019 20:26

-throws money at you-
Apr 16th 2019 10:58

Oui mademoiselle
Apr 13th 2019 00:15

Hi! I thought you were supposed to be dead in the prisms of hell! Eh...Whatever. So I will be available to rp anytime you need! And just message me if the rp gets boring.
Mar 29th 2019 17:41

I like your profile theme.
Also, I want to know what is going on in your head.
Could you tell me?
Mar 24th 2019 22:12

i luv you!!!
Jan 24th 2019 00:32

Hi Celes-chan!
Jan 22nd 2019 03:00