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(Celestia Ludenberg.)
19 / Female / Forever Alone
Fantasizing, United States
♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟-SIDE NOTES-♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟
- Celestia Ludenberg IS my name, say otherwise and die.

- I have a ranking system specially for males, if you are interested, please do message me about it.

Hello, my name is Celestia Ludenberg, you can also call me Celeste.

I'm just a gambling girl with big plans and even more enormous dreams~!
I am working on my writing abilities, but my reasons for being here isn't really related to writing...It is more about making new relationships with fascinating people. I am looking forward to meeting extraordinary people here, but of course, I have already met many~ And I do thank them for their time.

I am glad you took the time to visit my profile and read a bit about me, it is very much appreciated~

Latest Status

Goodbye everyone.
1  8 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Celestia, who broke your heart? I'm getting a gun... But don't get me wrong... I don't really care about you, or anything, just... I want to know so I can hurt them very badly.
A. ...?
Well, it should be obvious...It was Kaito Shion, he's a f***ing a**hole, and honestly, I don't care whether or not you hurt him, you can do whatever you want...
 8 hours ago

Q. What happened?
A. Nothing. It was nothing.
 Aug 19th 2019 12:19

Latest Comments

Celeste-Saaaan! I lov u!
Aug 19th 2019 23:55

You are so pretty like a doll
Aug 19th 2019 09:09

Hehehe ~ You are my favorite little gambler ~
Aug 19th 2019 08:56

I love you Mother.
May 27th 2019 23:03