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Celeste's Blog

The Forlorn Astrologist

Celeste, as her name might suggest, was born under a celestial alignment so rare that it's said to only occur once in a millennium. From a young age, she displayed an uncanny ability to interpret the alignment of the stars and predict the future with astonishing accuracy. As Celeste grew older, so too did her abilities and reputation. Many believed that Celeste was not just an ordinary prophet but a reincarnated deity, for she possessed ancient knowledge well beyond her years. As the years passed, it became even more clear that Celeste was not like any other gifted. She did not appear to be bound by the constraints of a mortal life like those around her. After reaching a point of maturity, she neither aged nor fell ill; her youthful appearance remained unchanged through decades. Whispers began to circulate about her immortality, with some claiming she had made a pact with celestial beings to gain eternal life in exchange for her prophetic gifts. Others defended their earlier belief that she was a deity among mortals sent as a guide. Despite these rumors, Celeste continued devoting herself to guiding those who sought her counsel, not just for predictions of future events but also for spiritual guidance and emotional healing.

However, despite all the good she attempted to do, she faced skepticism and fear from those who either did not understand or accept her gifts, and envy from those who coveted them. After all, under a sky filled with ancient stars that seemed to whisper secrets only she could hear, how could one be so sure she spoke the whole truth?

Centuries passed, and as she watched empires rise and fall and civilizations crumble into dust, she remained unchanged by time. However, the mortals changed. Their envy only strengthened alongside their greed, seeking war counsel and riches; some even wished to intercept another prophecy, essentially to steal their fate.

One night after receiving what appeared to be a normal request, Celeste presented herself to the summit. Under the guise of seeking a reading to form an alliance with an adversary, she was captured. Locked away behind cold steel bars and surrounded by darkness by cruel and abusive captors. She would spend many years enduring their relentless torment, subjected to unimaginable torment and mockery at their hands. The cold, concrete walls of her prison echoed daily with her cries as she begged to be released, offering pardon for their actions. Her pleas and compromises went unanswered, leaving the once-humble prophet with deep emotional scars that festered into resentment. The mortals she once loved returned no such kindness. One fateful night, unable to endure anything more, Celeste broke an unspoken vow. She had always sworn to never negatively alter the fate of another by direct intervention, but on this night, with tears streaming down her face and hatred in her heart, she plucked apart the constellations like unraveling a spool of thread, severing and cursing the fate of many before disappearing, determined to never look back, mortals be damned. 
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RP Disclaimer!

Be advised all parties reserve the right to immediately stop an interaction at anytime.

Reasons I might end an interaction;

⮞The story has progressed to a point I don't know how to proceed from.
⮞You Continue to disregard my personal time, this includes;

⠁Sending mass massages after I've stated/mentioned a delay
⠁Overusing the Q&A Forum to ask for replies
⠁Abusing the comment ability to harass for a reply

⮞Whenever I am experiencing a delay I'll do my best to inform you. If I have not posted to you directly, updated my status about delays or responded over a week, go ahead and give me a nudge.

⮞I won't participate in Roleplay's using real people/pics such as celebrities or yourself
⮞When in active [Roleplay] All my responses will be in Third Person when referring to myself or Second when referring to someone other than my self/third party/your oc.
⮞Please be sure to differentiate between IC [In character] and OOC (Out of character) Conversations
⮞I will not engage in any romantic intimate Roleplays with anthropomorphic Oc's
⮞I Roleplay with any/all genders identities MxM || MxF || FxF
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