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(don’t look at me like that)
19 / Male / In Love
not with you, New York - United States
“A champion is not defined by their wins but how they can ‎recover when they fall.”

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⊹ About the Admin ⊹

༄ college student
༄ i have a job
༄ usually busy af
༄ lgbtq+
༄ one hell of a foodie
༄ leo-virgo cusp
༄ addicted to almost all forms of the arts
༄ my discord: caustic#8616

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The link below contains some things to know before RPing, as well as my character list and fandoms. I suggest checking there before proceeding.


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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."
- Helen Keller

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⊹ Chill Peeps ⊹
@LoLightwithin ếch đáng yêu ♥️♥️♥️
@Casual_Curiosity Helll yeeeah
@LadyJ The best to be honest
@Octosi if you mess with him you mess with me

Latest Status

Haaha- I am back again!
No promises, but I shall attempt respond to everyone! Plus, I may be coming on once a week to be honest.
3  Oct 10th 2020 16:17

Latest Questions

Q. Gay
A. Says the gay one~
 Jun 19th 2020 01:54

Q. Our roleplay is still one of my favorites and I’m glad we’re continuing it. I’m definitely not crying over it rn. Haha;;
A. Y e s.
I agree haha, it’s one of mine as well. Oh, and sure sure! I mean... my heart didn’t sink at all.
 Oct 16th 2019 23:35

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Why are you so fluffy!?
Jun 24th 2020 02:52

This profile is so innocent and sweet... Mine on the other hand..
Jun 22nd 2020 18:58