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20 / Female / In a Relationship
Michigan - United States
Heyooo! I love to roleplay! If you'd like to roleplay, don't be afraid to PM me!
Fandoms I love: The Walking Dead, Creepypasta, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Star Wars, How to train your dragon, Overwatch, Twilight Saga series, My little pony, Miraculous Ladybug, Paw Patrol, The Lion King/Lion Guard

Latest Status

Reee. I just watched season 3 of the lion guard... And it was awesome!!!!
(But Caaaaat! It's a fu- *Slaps you with fish* I KNOW IT'S A KIDS SHOW! DON'T JUDGE ME!)
Anyway!! Would anyone like to do a roleplay on the lion guard? I'll be Fuli!
Pm me if intrested! We could come up with a plot!
Mood: bored
1  Aug 6th 2019 20:02

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