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(Mikasa Ackerman)
25 / Female / Single
Michigan - United States
Heyoo! Welcome to my profile!
Don't worry, I don't bite! *Hands over a cookie*
Pm me if you'd like to rp!


1: Please note that I have a life outside of rp, just like everybody else, and that I won't be active most of the time, due to work. However, I promise I'll reply to you when I have the time.

2: Please don't control my character, and I won't control yours.

3: Romance roleplays are perfectly fine!

4: If you have a plot in mind, don't be afraid to share it with me! Or we can come up with a plot together.

5: Do NOT kill my characters. You can hurt them as much as you want, but please don't kill them. I FORBID IT.

6: And last but certainly not least, have fun!

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No, you didn't upset me ^-^
Jan 1st 2021 08:05

if you need help with profile design, i can help
Jan 5th 2020 21:31