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26 / Male / Single

As you can see, name is Castius, but you can call him Casty.
Despite being a rather large Serpent, Castius is very docile, caring and sometimes overprotective. Also have an admiration for Humans! He loves Humans, but most of them always think he is a threat.

As for me, i'm around the roleplaying scene for a while already. I'm mostly after mature content, but also okay with developing a plot, as long it have the mature content there. Not always, but something to enhance the character development, i find it really important, a deep physical connection, that mixes desire and care.

Still! Feel free to send a request, but i do expect a message if you sent one.
I do have a preference for detailed and literate partners, nothing perfect as English is not my main language, but something enjoyable, enough content to work with.

Also, Castius may have some extra photos, that can be given upon request, as they are not safe for work.

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