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23 / Female / Single
United States
Casey's voice was shaken and in fear "My name is Casey Cooke! I and two other girls have been kidnapped! Please send help!"


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I wish you were still active.||
Apr 29th 2019 21:08

It had been some time since his supposed death, Kevin had been in hiding now, grasping at the light, every attempt too reach out meeting backlash, but he'd take this risk..

It didn't take him much effort too find the girl's email...

A cry for help, that's what was sent...
Feb 28th 2019 12:43

thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Oct 13th 2018 18:13

I deleted you because you showed me no interest in roleplaying.
Jul 5th 2018 04:30

you know why I deleted you?
Jul 5th 2018 04:27

Thank you for your friendship
Mar 21st 2018 03:50

Thanks for the request. Feel free to talk to me anytime. About anyone or anything.
Jan 23rd 2018 17:07

Np :)
Jan 23rd 2018 11:55

your welcome
Jan 23rd 2018 10:26

;; no problemo!
Jan 23rd 2018 04:45