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19 / Male / Single and Looking
I dunno, Pennsylvania - United States
Also, I wanted to put my rules here! Not that anyone reads them...

Discord as well. Add me if you want: Carona#6413

Hiya there. I'm Alex. I guess that's it. Really... I don't know much to say about myself here. I'm a romance roleplayer who's been roleplaying for about... 5 years? I'm not quite sure. Ever since I started writing books I found that roleplaying helped me along with it being fun. There's a few things wrong with me in my head so I tend to take day long breaks without warning so I hope that doesn't change your mind about friending me... This place is meant to be somewhere to feel comfortable, a place where you can have fun and be yourself! That is unless you're mean... Mean people aren't welcome! Same with anyone rude! I won't tolerate it!

Other than that, I really hope you all have such an amazing day or night! I hope to see you all soon and if you have questions for me, don't hesitate to ask~ I'm open to most questions. As for rps, I'm pretty open as long as there's romance!

See you all soon~


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I love and miss you!
Dec 24th 2018 23:04