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Q. is Clay ok?
A. As far as I know
 Nov 1st 2021 21:22

Q. Hey are you still intrested?
A. Sorry can't say I am
 Jun 19th 2020 15:59

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Aug 16th 2021 15:46

feel like rping?
Apr 12th 2021 22:24

Apr 12th 2021 14:58

(You could, if you wanted to. ^^ I won't mind.)
Dec 6th 2020 18:49

"...Don't jinx it." She shook her head.
"This, is Unpredictable. All of it is, and I'm not saying that we won't die. Even without Karma, all things die--Eventually. But, it doesn't mean we should lose sight of hope."
Dec 6th 2020 02:53

"You're the first one to say it, without something Perverse, afterwards. Excelt for Leone, but... You know how she is."
Dec 6th 2020 02:36

"You're not the first, to tell me that."
She shrugged. "Well, if I didn't cook the food--We'd all starve, before anyone else would give it a try."
Dec 6th 2020 02:02

"So you're saying that's My fault, that I am..? I'm not even wearing my best outfit."
She pulled at her apron around her a bit, before letting go of it.
Dec 6th 2020 01:54

"...Seal it, with a kiss..?"
She repeated, blinking a couple times. "...I do-trust your word, but. That Is a bold request..."
Dec 5th 2020 14:54

"If you ever-?"
She punched his shoulder lightly. "...That better be a promise." She said jokingly.
Dec 5th 2020 13:48