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She is already back on her feet regardless giving birth naturally and so recently. She is a really tough type, especially physically.
She can't say she likes Huodong but actually the atmosphere and the environment start to give her a good feeling due to her element, even if second.
She wanders HuoShi's house, only trying to avoid the baby's room.
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Minister Zhang is not a foolish man. He knows Bixia very well and understands the real chances FangYi has with the prince. Very low. Especially with the new problem with the Windy Islands.

As soon as FangYi returns to the camp, he sends someone to call her, summoning her in his tent.
"My beloved daughter." He has never been a good father to her but at least he recognized her and let her live well.
"Father." She joins her hands, bowing to him. "What did you call me for?"
"FangYi. We haven't much time if we want a deeper connection to the crown. The end of the war is not close and I'm afraid Bixia will change his ensure our position, you need to do something."
She doesn't like the way it sounds so far but keeps listening to her father.
"Visit the prince's tent and serve him."
Her eyes widen at those words. "We are not married and I'm not-..."
"You don't need to be married! If you get pregnant, he'll have to make you his wife. The young prince is resource for us. You have to do this, for the sake of the family!" The old man fears what is indeed going to happen with SuXi.
"Am I not more useful as Captain? If he doesn't marry me, what about the baby? They will consider him a worthless bastard and my reputation..." She feels trapped.
"The young prince is going to marry you. He is in love and a baby would ensure it." He hopes. It is a gamble, he doesn't expect things with Bixia to be so fast and smooth.
She doesn't want to disappoint her family but that feels so wrong. In that moment, a soldier walks inside. "Captain Zhang. The prince summoned you in his tent."
Before to go, her father hands her a vial to drink.

She joins SuXi in his tent. He gives order to everyone else to leave. He is only wearing underclothes and approaches her very close. "My love, I missed you."
"I'm here now..." She avoids his gaze and stands still while he kisses her neck. "My prince..."
He doesn't stop doing what he is doing regardless her attempt to avoid him. He places his hands on her cheeks, giving her a deep and hardcore kiss. He doesn't know what minister Zhang is planning, in truth he is not fully on his right mind, he was drugged and now can't restain himself. Like Porsche.
She doesn't like it, but thinking about her father's words, she lets him do. Till they are in bed for the real thing and the wild night really begins.
The whole matter hurts her in so many ways. She was still virgin too.

In early morning, SuXi wakes up very stunned and with a strong headache, barely remembering. To his surprise, he realizes to be completely undressed and not alone. He sits up, panicking at the sight. He shakes her slightly to wake her up. "FangYi?"
She is already awake but her back facing him. She couldn't fall asleep whole night. She slowly turns around, looking at him.
"FangYi, what happened?" There is honest worry in his eyes.
She sits up, keeping her body covered by blanket. She looks away. "You summoned me and insisted I would serve you."
His eyes widen at her words and covers his face. "What got into me!" He gets up, very distressed.
She follows him with gaze, surprised he is not just reacting amused and smug.
SuXi stands up, wearing his underclothes and washing his face. FangYi gets up, wearing his nightie, and approaches him. "My prince... it is fine." She places her hand on his back.
"No, it is not!" He turns around to look at her. "You deserved more. Much more...we were supposed to get married first!"
Unexpectedly, she gets closer, leaning against him. "SuXi, it was beautiful..." It hurts to say, since she is doing everything against her will. She takes him by sleeve, pulling towards the bedding. She sits on it, opening her nightie completely. SuXi doesn't resist to that, regardless he tries, and gets on top of her, starting to kiss her everywhere. Compared to the night before, he is a lot more gentle and makes sure she is enjoying.

SuXi gets ready for the day, still a bit messed by the night before. He asks about the news of the day to the guards, also about Shige, still not back from the woods.
He receives a visit from Minister Zhang, wanting to catch his daughter there to see if she obeyed him. "Good morning, your Highness. I hope you spent a good night."
"Minister Zhang." He raises a brow at his words. FangYi still getting ready behind the separé. "My sleep was fine, it is not as comfortable as in the Palace."
The old man looks around carefully but SuXi doesn't want him to uncover the truth, fearing an angry reaction. He takes him by shoulder, heading outside. "Shigemori didn't return yet. What do you think we should do?"
"We should wait longer, we have their prince. They wouldn't risk his life."
Meanwhile FangYi sneaks out of the tent. She doesn't know yet but she is pregnant.
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The time to move is getting closer and closer. Xingxi's forces are gathering in Lianxi. Not only mere soldiers, but also some military experts join there.
She received orders to go, accompanying the Minister of War, that is also her father. Her presence was not expected but due to the rumors of the prince interested in his daughter - there was not any official announcement - , her father insisted she should join him. She tried to avoid it but seen her delicate position, she could not.
They arrive in the morning. She is in her official attire, hair tied and a strict and cold pose, standing one step behind her father.
They meet with Shige and SuXing where they work together on the strategies. They are going to attack the closest hostile feud and head east to take over the whole eastern side and even the feuds by the sea.
In the evening, she does her all to avoid SuXi, problem is, he also does his all to spend time with her. He is so clingy and she can't dare to push him away too much.

"We should go to eat, aren't you hungry?" SuXi asks, placing his hands on her hips from behind.
She doesn't move. "I am not hungry." She says coldly.
"We should get straight to the point, I'm hungry for something else..." He starts to kiss her neck but that's when she breaks free.
"I'm not in the mood, quit it." She aims to walk away but he grabs her wrist.
"I know, I should wait for our marriage first but I can hardly resist." He gets closer. She is not looking at him but he gently takes her chin, to move her head towards him. "You are so beautiful..." He aims to give her a kiss but she pushes him a little.
"You are shameless." She frowns a little but he smiles in amusement, unable to see things clearly.
"You are good at playing hard to get. I wouldn't like you so much if you weren't."
She crosses her arms, looking away in an annoyed way. "We are here for a specific purpose, you should not forget it."
"It's true. My purpose is your hand and I'm going to earn it."

She eventually manages to get away as SuXi is called for something. She hurries to leave, wandering Lianxi while often looking back to see if she is followed.
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Rough play

To the firstimers, the game can be definitely be seen as harsh. She loves it, she used to play it a lot when younger with less duties, so she had a lot of fun with them, even more than she thought.
Soon they have to move from the field to let servants do the final preparations for the real match. They are welcomed to take place in the audience. There is a special spot for them where they can watch, eat and drink. It starts to get crowded. Of course even the young prince and friends can join.
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Boring visits

It is late morning when FangYi, that slept a bit longer than usual too, enters their quarters. She tells the servants to wake them up, breakfast-lunch ready for them all.
Once some of them start coming out of the rooms, she tells them. "Young ones can follow the prince once ready, to visit the palace. Others can follow me. I'll be outside, when you are done." She can answer some questions regarding the Huangye too if they are curious.
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