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Capt's Blog

Rough play

To the firstimers, the game can be definitely be seen as harsh. She loves it, she used to play it a lot when younger with less duties, so she had a lot of fun with them, even more than she thought.
Soon they have to move from the field to let servants do the final preparations for the real match. They are welcomed to take place in the audience. There is a special spot for them where they can watch, eat and drink. It starts to get crowded. Of course even the young prince and friends can join.
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2 | 26 Comments | Aug 7th 2022 12:59

Boring visits

It is late morning when FangYi, that slept a bit longer than usual too, enters their quarters. She tells the servants to wake them up, breakfast-lunch ready for them all.
Once some of them start coming out of the rooms, she tells them. "Young ones can follow the prince once ready, to visit the palace. Others can follow me. I'll be outside, when you are done." She can answer some questions regarding the Huangye too if they are curious.
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She can hardly rest in the current situation, indeed her mood is really bad but she can't help herself. There are too many people she doesn't trust around Zuo, especially Hudie. She doesn't want to let him approach Zuo unless it is the Crown Prince to do it first.
She is outside, sat on the stairs. Overall it is quiet and she leans her head to the side, looking sleepy.
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Rotting wolves.

After making sure everything is settled with Zuo in the house and changing her armor into a more comfortable and less eye-catching manly hanfu, she heads out. She leaves a two of their men to monitor the situation there.
She wanders Lianxi to study the place properly, also to see if she can find Hudie and give him her threats before the Crown Prince wakes up.
No luck so far and it is starting to bother her; she wanted to avoid but seeing her struggle, she has to ask your character. "Where can I find the savages?"
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A new beginning

She is 25 years old.

She is the daughter of Governor Zhang.

She is very skilled in martial arts and her weapon is spear.

She is Captain of the guards in the Palace and protects the Crown Prince.

She is not afraid to do dirty jobs.

She has bad temper, can be brutal but overall tries to be fair.

Her elements are Evil and Strength.

Her spear has Evil typical aura all around.
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1 | 0 Comments | Jul 27th 2022 13:49