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Orions playlist

Orions playlist

maneskin - baby said

henry moodie -beat up car

Måneskin - GOSSIP ft. Tom Morello

Måneskin - MAMMAMIA

artic monkeys - R U Mine

artic monkeys- whyd you only call me when you'er high

artic monkey - do you wanna know

Artic monkey - i wanna be yours
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Fresh Start

basic information

Full name: Orion Verga
Date of birth:3/9/1998
Nationality: Thai/ Italian
Languages: Thai, Italian and Korean, English
Occupation: Artist and guitarist

Hair colour: black
Hair style: short
Eye colour: brown
Height: 6ft
Clothing style:comfortable or rocker

Traits:calm, relaxed, Sweet, kind, very friendly
Likes:art, music, learning new things
Dislikes:his father
Good at: painting, listening
Bad at: letting people get close to him
Hobbies:listening to music,reading ,play guitar painting, exploring
Fears: having to go home

Family/ Friends
Father- Mario Verga (mafia)
Mother- Ophelia Verga
Cousin: Page Paitoon Charoensuk @Misplace
Best Friend-@zyozyo Jiyho Kaleo Lee @ARCANA
Friend- Issy @manhwa
lover/ex- Kim Jihoon @cold
Favourite things

favorite colour- anything neon
favorite food - meat feast Pizza
favorite dessert- red velvet cake
favorite book of all time- Something Wicked This Way Come by Ray Bradbury,
favorite movie genre - horror
favorite way to spend a rainy day - painting or reading
favorite holiday- Halloween
favorite childhood cartoon or TV show - any anime
favorite type of art - painting, sculpture, music
favorite comfort food - cookie dough icecream
favorite way to relax and unwind after a long day - long bubble bath with music on
favorite piece of clothing or accessory - the necklace his mother brought him before she died
favorite piece of art or sculpture you've ever seen in person - the last jugdement sistine chapel
favorite coffee - americano
favorite type of wine - red
favorite cocktail - sex on the beach
favorite pizza toppings - meat dur
favorite vegetable - carrots eats them raw as a snack
favorite fruit - pineapple
favorite meat - bacon
favorite ice cream flavour - mint
favorite way to express his creativity - painting
favorite way to unwind and pamper yourself at home - bubble bath or listen to music
favorite way to find inspiration when you're feeling stuck or unmotivated - going to a gallery or going for a walk
favorite form of public art - graffti
favorite seafood - salmon
favorite pasta - chicken alfado
favorite type of tea - foral when reading or fruity when painting
favorite soft drink - lemonade
favorite flavour of potato chips - lays spice chicken
favorite snack - cookies
favorite movie - saw or train to busan
favorite song - changes too much
favorite painter - Zdzisław Beksiński
favorite painting - Dystopian Dark Surrealism
favorite art gallery - Leeum
favorite band -SWARM
favorite anime - toyko ghoul
He was born to two loving, his father who was Italian and his mother who was Thai. His mother was an artist and his father a leader of mafia. His mother got him into art and the love for it, finding he had a natural talent for the arts. His mother got sick when he was 10 and passed away a a week before his birthday. His father became a different man, he threw everything that his mother ever made out the house and banned art from the house. They lived in Milan. At the age of 16 he was told he would have to marry someone and settle down become a part of the family business like his father. This was when the fight between them started, he began painting in secret and selling them and once he got enough money he ran. At the age of 18 he moved to Korea and began to paint and renovate old furniture. Also got a job playing guitar in a bar.

He is now happy and paints to his hearts content, plays at the bar for extra money he has not seen or heard from his father in all these years. But he believes it’s cause he doesn’t know where he is.
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