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(Cameron Jones)
33 / Male / Married
Somewhere, Somewhere - United States
New to the site but also, not. I was here a few years ago and went out of writing for a bit after meeting my now wife Abigail. Obvs real life comes first for me, and I can't guarantee I will be on daily.

That being said, I am a literate writer with at least 5 years experience before going into my off season. I enjoy romantic plots (NOT sm*t driven please), with legit storylines that have drama, twists, turns like any other story. Romance can't be the only thing we have going for us in the plot and I prefer to keep the romance as a sub plot.

A few quick rules cause I'm not feeling up to making a separate post:

1. You Add, You Talk. 18+ Required, preferably 20+. Females ONLY, sorry fellas. I'm straight.
(Mad respect to the LGBT community. Supporters are welcome, haters are gladly blocked and told to F off. We spread love here, not hate)

2. No Drama.
I don't enjoy it. So let's be blunt and straightforward, if drama arises and we can't talk it out like adults- you will be dropped like a bad habit and I will move on. Sorry (not sorry) but I don't need any added stress.

3. Mental health days
I seriously don't have to explain the importance of mental health, so let's be respectful of each other's health (both mental and physical). I will not tolerate 'pushing' or nagging for responses. They will come when they come.

4. Communication is important.
I will do my best to communicate with you if I know when I will be off the site for longer than a few days. I can't always guarantee I'll be around as I babysit my nephew often and he's a handful. Patience is greatly appreciated

5. Bring Ideas & Literacy!
I am.a SELECTIVE ADDER. Multi Ship acct meaning I will be roleplaying with women other than just you. I like the variety of storylines, genres, topics, and fandoms (some of which are a result of binge watching with the wife
All the specific genres we can get into together of course)

I don't have discord or any outside platform to RP on. It's why I'm here. So we will keep things on here, please and thank you.

Anything else will be handled directly (and/or added to later). If you are interested in complex storylines with romance, adventure, and perhaps a bit of sparks and mystery- come down the rabbit hole with me...


We. Are. All. Mad. Here.

- C

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I finally caught up on my responses. Thank you, again, for everyone's patience.
2  Jul 2nd 2022 15:51

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yup. Working on customizing everything now. Thanks.
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