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(Callista Princeton)
43 / Female / Single
New Mexico - United States
I've been rping for about twenty years +. I have two children and I attend school. I'm working on a book ATM called Alessia. I handle discord group rps and is always coming up with ideas. Please visit my community for rps I'm doing. If you wish to join, please let me know. I love anime. Naruto, 7DS, And MHA being my top. I'm addicted to horror movies. If I'm not watching anime, 90% of the time I'm watching a horror. If not that, something real good. LOTR, Star Wars, Supernatural, POTC, Troy, MCU. Eventually I'll get back to rping Marvel/DC. Just burnt out ATM. I tend to get real detailed in my rps. I love organization. Messes are confusing. I am a semi gamer. I love to read, draw, write, dance, and sing. My daughter and I are planning on opening a business. Everyone that knows me say that I'm one of nicest people. I don't believe that. I have my Palpatine moments I assure you. I love music. 80's and Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock are my favorite to listen to. But I listen to just about anything. I really don't watch the news... Too much bad stuff in the world. My favorite color is purple lol.

I only RP in groups on discord.
I am not into furries. The furthest I'd go are ears and a tail. Like Inuyasha or Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss. Beyond that. Nope.

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