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(Ruby Maier)
15 / Female / Single
The Land of Potatoes, Idaho - United States
Hey, my name's Ruby but call me whatever you want. Scarlett, Crimson, or even washmachine if you would really like to.

Before you friend me though, please understand I get overwhelmed really easily and opening so many messages at a time makes me feel extremely anxious and horrible to the point I just don't want to come onto this website. So if I don't respond to you after a day or two please be patient, I'll usually get to you by the fourth day.

I'm not great at making bios so how about just message me and learn more about me? Cya.

I'm pan BTW.

Latest Status

I am deleting my account soon I'm sorry ╥﹏╥
1  Apr 6th 2019 22:46

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Boruto asked the question
Q. would you like to talk?
A. Yeah sure, my messages are a bit of a wreck and I only have the willpower to answer a few people a day. Try and message me again if I don't respond soon.
 Mar 24th 2019 20:12

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