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Emory Murphy

Emory Murphy is a sweet but fiery 23 year old. She is the youngest of 4, and the only sister. Her older brothers, Garrett, 39, Micah, 34, and Ben, 29, all pretty much picked on her any chance they could, so this is where she gets her competitive and fierce, almost snippy, side. But in her heart she is cheerful and determined to reach her goals. She is fairly tall, about 5'9 and around 140 pounds. She has a beautiful figure that is nicely toned from her years of playing tennis as a teen and young adult.

She's always had a good home-life, her family was never rich but never living paycheck to paycheck. Her mother was never very affectionate, no one in her family was except her father. As long as Emory could remember, her father was always the one to run out on the sports field when she got hurt or when Emory was upset she would call her father and he would help her through it. This is why her father's fairly sudden death was a big shock for her and the rest of the family.

When Emory's father passed away, she was in her junior year of college. She was going to school at University of California for zoology with a focus on animal behavior. As her father's final days, he was distributing his larger estates between the siblings. Garrett got his farm land, Micah got his 2nd property, while Ben got his military memorabilia. Lastly, Emory got his bar. A bar that he opened when he was 25 and freshly out of the army. Emory practically grew up in the bar, in its prime, every night would be packed and everyone having a good time. Sadly now, the regulars would come in and a few travelers would come through. That is precisely why Emory's father gave it to her, he knew she would take good care of the bar and make it a booming place.
Name: Emory Eugenia Murphy
Nickname: Em
Age & Birthday: 23, November 3rd,1995
Mother: Sofia Foster, 59
Father: Eugene Murphy, 57 (Deceased)
Brothers: Garrett, 39, Micah, 34, and Ben, 29
Children: N/A
Birthmarks: She has a prominent birthmark on her right shin and a smaller less noticeable birthmark on her stomach.
Tattoos & Piercings: She doesn't have any tattoos but she has her upper helix pierced on her left ear.
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight:140 pounds (63 kg)
Likes: She loves animals and their behaviors, she also likes to craft and color when she has down time, which is rare.
Dislikes: Fighting and people being rude for no reason.
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