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ღ moon ღ

vers la lune,
that's where we'll go.
it might be a long journey,
but i promise we'll get there.

the sky undergoes changes,
stone-gray replaced with brilliant azure.
the colorful flowers are in bloom,
like millions of tiny paintings.

surely there have been rainy days,
but i've left them behind.
she's gone; she's disappeared.
i cannot thank you enough.

when bright golden has set,
and milky white transcends,
the stars are no longer hidden --
they grace the black abyss.

vers la lune.
let's go there someday, garcon soleil.

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1 | 0 Comments | Mar 23rd 2019 00:02

ღ shine ღ

my darling,
we shined.
we shined like stars,
with our backs to the dark.

your smile illuminated the room,
bringing joy to my heart,
and when your cheeks turned rosy --
my heart began to cry from delight.

i'll never forget this night, my love,
and the smile you wore on your face.
you laughed, i laughed,
we were so happy.

a picture proves it,
and a yellow wristband as well.
it proves that this night,
was not a dream.

what did i tell you?
i told you dreams will transcend reality.
i used to be a stranger to you and now?
you're asking me out.

bryce, my sunshine boy, my everything.
you make me so happy.
thank you. thank you.
thank you for setting me free.
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ღ monster ღ

you spew your deadly lies,
like a toxic web from a black widow.
back then, it made me fearful --
but now? i simply laugh.

letting go of the past is something you cannot do.
and neither can i, especially from what you've done.
you think i would sit idle by and let my angel go to you?
no matter how fantastic she is, you don't deserve her.

i'll protect her until the ends of the earth,
from beasts like you.
like a magnificent knight,
i'll slay the red scaled dragon.

cruel, you say?
i say smart.
i was smart to dodge your manipulation,
and now you sit, begging for attention.

my dear, once that held my heart,
you cannot win with your factitious truths.
you can sit there and proclaim your thoughts,
because you and i both know the truth.

let the past die, i once told you,
and you spat in my face.
beast with foul intentions,
go back to your place.

my life is filled with joy,
a sunshine boy resides in my heart.
however, i will give you this truth, old friend.
you were right about her.

she was the queen of the demons.
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ღ 03/14/19 ღ

today marked the day,
of when my heart burst.
it burst with love for you,
and you were there to witness it.

it was incredible.
you looked confused when i spoke,
but then it slowly clicked,
and that smile spread on your face.

"i knew it was you."
you bashfully spoke in that soft voice of yours.
i just smiled and blushed,
"how did you know?"

how couldn't you know?
i think about you so much.
and those glances we shared,
i know it was much more.

you walked me to my car,
we spoke like we were old friends,
and my heart began to desire.

i didn't want you to leave.
i wanted to stay with you.
but as all good things must go,
you departed with a wave and a smile.

i'll never forget your kindness, sunshine boy.
and all of the things you make me feel.
i just hope that someday soon,
you'll feel the same way.
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ღ beautiful ღ

sunshine boy,
how you grace me with your smile.
i can never have a rainy day;
not when you are around.

despite the woman that haunts my life,
you bless me in my dreams.
you chase the terror away.
i wish i could do the same.

i sit behind, in the back,
with a lovely friend next to me.
i can't focus; i can't stop smiling.
oh, how i long for tonight.

you could message me,
informing me of bad news,
or perhaps good news.
either or, your words mean the most.

with that letter of mine i wrote,
i don't mean to make you uncomfortable,
or feel like someone is watching you.
trust me, i wanted to show i cared.

my heart is racing like horses,
my smile is wide on my face.
i'm nervous, yes,
but i wanted this so badly.

i wait, i watch, i hold my breath,
and my illuminated screen brightened in my face.
"your poem was quite beautiful."
oh dear, oh dear. here we go again.

je t'aime, garçon de soleil.
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1 | 0 Comments | Mar 13th 2019 02:47