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(Elizabeth 'Liz' Gillies)
26 / Female / Single
Arkansas - United States

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Hey Liz. It's nice to meet you, I'm Gabriella Montez.
Mar 23rd 2019 13:19

“That’s good to hear, beautiful” he winks at her and drinks his coffee
Mar 23rd 2019 12:47

He looks at her “I’m happy your here” he said with a smirk
Mar 23rd 2019 12:43

He patted next to him as a gesture for her to come over “I’m well, and you?” He asked with curiosity
Mar 23rd 2019 12:40

Jughead sat alone in a dinner as he typed up 5je weekly newspaper on his laptop as he spotted a unfamiliar face,he looked up from his laptop and gazes at the girl “uh hi”
Mar 23rd 2019 12:31