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デ┳═ー*----* Leon Corleone ╾━╤デ╦︻

︻デ┳═ー*----* Leon Corleone ╾━╤デ╦︻


December 6, 1907 (22 years old)

Chicago, Illinois

When Leonardo Corelone was 8 years old, he had to make a frightening choice: continuing living at a boys home with his abusive caregivers, or run away and attempt to survive on the streets with his brother. He chose to flee and joined the 50,000-plus homeless children in Chicago who face rampant dangers like sex trafficking, drugs, and child labor on a daily basis. He decided that living on the street was safer than the hardscrabble life, facing horrible violence as a child at the group home.

“I was very hungry, tired, and very scared of my caregivers.,”

He met some boys who used to beg at the station and he joined them in begging to feed himself and his older brother Zenith.
He would start wiping cars when they stopped at a red light. After a while the boys moved to the main shopping area in the capital, where they started picking rag and pick pocketing others, doing anything for survival.

"The world of the homeless is a tough and interesting world."

Start of his crime life.

When Leon became interested in women, he committed the first in a long line of frauds. At the age of 15, he was shot while attempting to rob a candy store and was sent to the State Youth Facility in Camp Hill for eighteen months. On his release, he did not attempt to live a normal life; rather, he took deliberate steps to continue with a life of crime and to excel in it.

He began to plan out mock robberies in his spare time. On eight separate occasions, he was planning to commit his first bank robbery; however, he repeatedly backed down before entering the bank. Eventually, he committed his first offence using a stolen car as his getaway.

Leon is notable for the meticulous way in which he planned and executed his robberies. He would begin by scouting for a bank in a particular location by studying topographical and street maps in the library, searching specifically for banks in small towns, close to wooded areas, on the other side of which was a road with easy access to a freeway. He would further narrow the search by selecting banks with late closing times in the autumn and winter months, so that the darkness would cover his escape. But he was also recognized for his cons. His cons were often check frauds, usually targeted at banks or other companies. From time to time, he also got a legitimate job by forging credentials. He was also known to use disguises as part of a ruse and was a master of manipulation; he once even eluded capture by posing as a federal agent.
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︻デ┳═ー*----* Zenith Corleone ╾━╤デ╦︻

︻デ┳═ー*----* Zenith Corleone ╾━╤デ╦︻


December 6, 1908 (23 years old)

Chicago, Illinois

"I was a kid. No parents, no home, running messages and picking pockets to keep my ribs from meeting my spine."

After his father left home, his mother often would stare out windows, as if hoping to see him walking home. Zenith noticed this and would always try to cheer her up with items he would steal from local stores, flowers, cards, chocolate, etc but his mother, too depressed to work or even care for children, took her solace in bottles and struggled to provide for Zenith and his younger sibling, Leon.

On the day before his 10 birthday, His mother succumbed to an illness and fell fatally ill. Zenith knew that his mother's longing for their runaway father was only weakening her, preventing her from having the will to fight off the illness and he thought that perhaps if she saw him again, she would have the strength to recover. But despite attempts to contact everyone who had known his father, sending countless letters, hoping someone would eventually give it towards him, but sadly he never came.

On his mother's deathbed, Zenith’s mother informed him she had stashed away some money for him and told him to take care of himself and his younger brother Leon. But her last words about his father struck him. “I just wanted to say ‘goodbye’ to him.” It broke his heart and made him resent his father even more.

With the cash his mother left for him now gone he was forced to begin stealing again. But this time it wasn't for silly things like flowers, cards, and items others wouldn't notice. No this time he was stealing for survival. Food, cash, anything valuable he would steal it.

“If you don't get caught, you deserve everything you steal.”

Seeing things no child should see, sleeping on boxes and asking strangers for money to buy food.

Zenith was sleeping on the side of the road one evening. A car stopped near him and the driver asked why he was there. He explained that he is homeless and spends his days in that area asking for money. The driver drove off, but a few minutes later, returned with milk and bread. This was one of Zenith’s happiest memories from sleeping on the street for nearly five years. He doesn’t have many nice memories from this time.

At least he had his younger brother Leon with him. He tried his best to protect his brother, but there was no security for the two boys living on the streets of Chicago. They had to fend for themselves. And Zenith felt responsible for his little brother. They slept on the ground and used boxes as their mattress, and often went to sleep cold and very hungry.
He hated those nights when his brother would wander off and Zenith couldn’t protect him. After all, Zenith wasn’t only Leon’s brother, but also his guardian. Which is what led him to start hanging out with a gang of neighborhood kids who called themselves the "Mad dogs." Violent, thieving, little criminals in the making, who put fear in other street kids with their vicious , cold-blooded ways. It gave him security for not only for his own survival but for Leon's.

He had his first run-in with the law at 13, when he and his fellow gang members were arrested for stealing at local stores and sentenced to the State Corrections for Boys. Over the next few years, he was in and out of juvenile facilities.

The following year, Zenith focused much of his energies on theft. He paid off truck drivers to steal their goods and sell them on the street. Eventually moving on to bigger jobs, he and his crew started robbing banks and jewelry stores. Zenith was arrested in relation to one bank job, but the case was dropped after the witness refused to identify the suspects. Zenith’s crew stole an estimated $100 million worth of valuables and cash for banks alone.


Zenith graduated to adult prison in 1927 after robbing a jewelry store in New Jersey and was caught. Sentenced to three years in jail, he escaped from custody while being transported to be tried on another robbery charge in February 1932. Zenith eventually wound up in New York, where he met Sonny Corelone, a capo within the Corleone crime family, who adopted Zenith into his crew.

After becoming a member of Sonny’s crew, Zenith refocused on enhancing his budding criminal career. He knew that stealing cars to sell whole or as parts could be a lucrative business. He also knew that in order to get started, the thieves needed enough space to operate and the skill to dismantle multiple brands of vehicles. Equally important, they had to know what vehicles and parts were in demand and how much money they would bring. And it was critical to have a client base to assure the rapid turnover of inventory. Zenith decided to take advantage of his newfound connections to get his education in the car-stealing business from an accomplished professional.

“Hey “dad” I did it without you.”
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1. Respect and Etiquette.

If you plan on leaving the RP for whatever reason, please have the common courtesy to write yourself out of it, in character. Don't just leave me hanging for weeks or months.

2. No Godmoding or Metagaming or
Mary Sues

Don’t be a Mary Sue. Don’t be a Godmodder. For the love of all the things you have ever loved, please for the sake of those close to you, do not roleplay a Mary Sue. This is a simple rule okay, it hurts, it literally burns a good roleplay to have to deal with a Mary Sue. You are not perfect, wonderful, not everyone likes you, and not everyone who doesn’t are enemies.

For the blah blah, love, generally the same mess as above, please don’t play a Godmodder. It’s generally just as bad as a Mary Sue. It's not only disrespectful, but is also unfair. I will verbally warned you and if it continues after that, the roleplay will be ended.

Same goes for metagaming.

3. Basic English is Your Friend

Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are a very important part, not only as a way of better describing and communicating to other people your intentions in a post, but also as a way of improving your language skills. RPing can be a fun and educational exercise and all I ask is that people glance over their posts and make sure they're clearly legible before making the post.

4. Content is More Important Than Volume

I don't expect a four page English essay for a reply, but at the same time, I don't want to see one composed of one or two sentences. The content of your replies is the most important thing, as it shows your character reacting to the world around them and interacting with the people around them in as realistic a manner as possible within their personalities. It's important to put some effort into your replies to make them believable and a lot easier to understand and react to. If your replies don't convey much then you shouldn't really expect that I will take YOU very seriously in my reply.

5. You don't like spam, I don't like spam

We all have personal lives outside the computer. I don't expect anyone to be able to respond towards replies everyday or every minute so don't expect me to be able to either. So please do not spam me for replies when I have already messaged you stating that I will be responding the next day or so. I will remove you.


Yes, I'm single. No I'm not available.
Therefore I will block you without hesitation if you so much as try for anything other than roleplay. I know, I can be quite charming and just so darn adorable but please do control yourself.

7. Keep the IRL Drama out of the RP.

There are people out there who have screwed you over, people who you have dated, or been angry with. These people might roleplay with you, but unless you have a problem with how they roleplay, or with something else that directly affects roleplay, either shut up and deal, or walk away.

Do not make your character hate them for no reason, don’t attack them, don’t try to stop them from playing with other people or cause issues because of it. Just stop and breathe. If you can’t handle it leave. Don’t spread gossip, don’t start rumors, don’t be a d*ck. Things happened, and if you f*** up the good time other people are having because of it, then you’re a d*ck too.

8. Do not roleplay with me if you just want the whole thing to be about sex.

There's plenty of places online to get your rocks off.

9. Age

If you are below the age of 18 do not ask me to have a romantic roleplay with you. I don't want to head towards the slammer, much too delicate to be in there anyways, over roleplay.

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