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So I guess I missed a couple people on the replies, imma gonna be sending them out this week so that way everyone has one and sending starters out. Thanks for the patiences peeps
5  Nov 19th 2021 06:13

Latest Questions

Moongaze asked the question
Q. So can you not be at work and come home to entertain me….?!?
A. I just got off so I'm free to entertain now lol
 Aug 9th 2021 00:52

Moongaze asked the question
Q. Tacos?
A. You know the answer. Hell yes
 Aug 6th 2021 21:42

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Nov 19th 2021 05:19

Bestie is better than the restie
Oct 16th 2021 19:39

Oct 8th 2021 13:49

This is your bestie!
Sep 29th 2021 19:15

I haven’t commented on your sh*t for a while.
Sep 29th 2021 19:15

Lol I don't know :'D
Sep 12th 2021 18:07

Showing you some love XD
Sep 12th 2021 10:53

I will today send a new respond, I sorry that I had let you wait that long
Aug 26th 2021 07:21

Lmfao your very welcome :'D :P
Aug 19th 2021 16:09

Showing you some big f***ing love Zenith because i can :'D
Aug 19th 2021 15:30