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For generations, the Wind and Fire Tribes have been at war. Each of these tribes believes that their element is the strongest and most pure in the eyes of the gods. Now, in the modern day, a member of each tribe has seemingly been born without the ability to produce and control their element. That is, until the daughter of the Fire Tribe snuffs out the flames that had been set on her bed by her family to test her. The Fire Tribe is overjoyed that she is showing signs of power, but she only seems to be able to snuff out flames, not produce them.

The reality of the situation is that this girl has wind powers, and is simply removing the oxygen from the flames. Fearing that her family will figure it out, she runs away through the forest, only to collide with a young man from the Wind Tribe that is also running away.

You know it’s a romance. It’s always a romance. The premise is that they were switched at birth, and each belong to the opposite tribe. They fall in love while hiding from their families. What happens from there is up to us, though this story could easily have a lot of drama in it.
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God has abandoned humanity. Alone and forsaken, the world is quickly spiraling towards destruction. In a moment of "Fine, I'll do it myself" type emotions, Lilith steps up and decides to take on the role.


This can go many ways, but Lilith sympathizes with Lucifer and would like to make him her king, thus merging the two kingdoms. You can play as Lucifer or a simple human that gains Lilith's favor.
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The Kitsune

A wounded and exhausted fox scratches at your door. You let her in and bandage her wounded paw. She falls asleep on your couch/in your bed. When you wake up in the morning, she’s not a fox anymore.

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The Gangster

Liza Black didn't have the best upbringing. Her father was a drunk and her mother was more focused on the frivolities of life to have any time for her daughter. At the age of seventeen, Liza ran away. Living life on the streets was rough at first, but she soon made friends with the local crime syndicate. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and always carrying her trust switchblade, Liza doesn't fear much in these cold city streets.


Romance and action, perhaps?
Your character can be a rival gang member, a commoner that gets mugged, a higher-up in the gang, a cop, etc. Get creative.
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