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59 / Female / Single
Holmby Hill. South California. , California - United States
I can feel a touch of a chill in the air . Summer is gone and fall is in the air. Sadly So is that virus. The message is rather obvious: always be safe and careful.
I am doing my best. Single with love in my heart that is burning to be given. I will never give up on love. Friends if you wish. Friendship is always number one THEN let the friendship take its course Never be in a hurry when the heart is involved
Happy Autumn everyone!
Hi My name is Brooke Logan. Just call me Brooke.

Latest Questions

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. I have many I love cocker spaniels, flowers and dolls lol I love long walks and rides to anywhere I love the mountains I love to swim Plus I love the ocean.Walks on the sand What are your hobbies?
 Sep 15th 2020 11:44

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Thank you I will remember that
 Jun 30th 2020 18:30

Latest Comments

Nov 14th 2020 18:17

Hey love
Oct 26th 2020 11:38

Honey I miss you
Oct 12th 2020 14:45

Miss you Darin
Oct 10th 2020 13:57

I love you...I mean it. Your the one I want to be with. Your my world
Oct 9th 2020 22:33

I miss you
Sep 18th 2020 23:00

Come back to me...I need you...I love you
Sep 15th 2020 18:48

Hey baby
Sep 15th 2020 18:14

Missing you
Jul 11th 2020 18:06

You certainly surprised me on the 4th of July A picnic on the floor and watching what was it ...the stage production of Hamilton. I am going to have to get that on blue rae. How was the rest of your Fireworks (smiles)
Jul 5th 2020 20:03