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50 / Male / Single
Strangford, . - Ireland
Bronn is a sellsword: a highly trained, extremely lethal, and a feared mercenary soldier whose service as a warrior is for hire. Not much is known about his past or family, except that he had a younger brother, whom Bronn describes as "a real pest." Both his parents viciously beat him.

At age 5, his nose was accidentally broken when his mother hit him with an iron poker, which she had meant for his younger brother. His nose was broken a second time at age 9, during a scrap with a few older boys and they won. It was also broken a third time, but the details are unknown.

Bronn has also mentioned that he first found out that men void their bowels when they die when he was only 5 years old.

When Tyrion Lannister introduced him to Tywin Lannister, Bronn said that his father is no one Lord Tywin would know. During a drinking game with Tyrion and Shae, Bronn claims that he killed a woman before he was 12 years old, though it was in self-defense as she was attacking him with an axe. Bronn also confirmed Tyrion's claim that Bronn has been beyond the Wall. When asked why he was there, he bluntly answers that it was "work."

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