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19 / Female / Its Complicated
Macaroni , United States
There's nothing more I love than a good romance. However, I am more than
willing to writing and vibing with any genre! So don't be afraid to DM me! Can't wait to Write ^-^

Just an FYI, I am a very flexible person and if we start roleplaying and the response I give isn't exactly what you want, I ask that you tell me so I may fix it to your needs. Please don't just ghost me because it wasn't what you wanted.

Latest Questions

Q. You doing okay dearie?
A. I have been better! But I promise I am back for a week.
 Mar 8th 2021 01:56

Latest Comments

Jul 23rd 2021 23:05

You doing okay? °^°
Feb 5th 2021 20:19

Yaaay your back!
Jan 23rd 2021 01:21

Let me know if you need more to work with
Nov 16th 2020 16:27

welcome back <3
Nov 1st 2020 22:20