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(Sutura Moonchild)
25 / Female / Single
Kiss the moon, Florida - United States
[Reading my rules makes things easier on both me and you in the long term]

My name is Sutura. I have been roleplaying for 10 plus years. I have been many names and faces! I take pride in my work! Roleplay for me is an escape from the cruel world we live in. I am always trying to perfect and improve as I roleplay and I would love to grow with you. Don't be shy to add me if you are lacking the years of experience and just starting off.

My characters will have many faces and names. I do not stick to just one character or face. My pfp doesn't necessarily mean that's what my character's appearance will be.

I will not add anyone under the age of 18 for any reason whatsoever. Most of my rps lean more on the darker and mature ends of things.

~~~ Honor Shout outs! Those who I adore and my great friends! ~~~

@Reapersilthos : I love Cain's roleplays! He's such a kind person! And its a joy to write with him! <3

- Romance
- Slice of life/sm*tty
- Dark and twisted themes (gang violence, crime, mafia, etc)
- Fantasy to high fantasy

My settings:
- Modern
- Medieval

But Never futuristic..

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