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Hi, and welcome to my profile! There's couple things you should to know before adding and roleplaying with me... So please read this before adding or accepting!

Ah, at first, I am other, but I have boy's body, so... I'm not really a girl, okay? I just like to wear skirts... And, um... I'm not here all the time! So, so it can take some time that I'll answer... If I've been away like weeks you can ask @MultifacetedDarkness if I'm okay, he knows me!

Then, um, English is not my native, I guess, so I'll make mistakes... But I do my best to write literally nice text! And I except you to write as good as you can too. I prefer para or more, only if your shorter replies are full of passion and describtion they will be accepted!

And I, ah, I like boys and adult men, so I'd like to play with them... Yes, I am gay or something like that! I, technically I am over 18, so I look for mature themes...

There's more info in my blog posts, feel free to check them out! And hit me up if you got interested!