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" Don't do it for me, do it for yourself. It's gotta feel a lot better. " Bucky responded and then watched as she fidgeted a bit, choosing to not to tease her on that since he thought she was distracting herself for a reason.
Aug 13th 2021 06:56

Bucky watched Aurora's reaction which she seemed a bit embarrassed of the gesture. He looked at her, smiling a bit more when she touched his. " I have a feeling I will more often now. But you should drop that attitude of yours more often. " He shot back playfully.
Aug 13th 2021 06:19

" I could tell you did. " He replied, staying close to her, just relaxing at their embrace. When Aurora pecked his cheek and looked up shyly, Bucky tucked a strand of hair behind her ear with a small smile. " I guess we are and I'm not against it. "
Aug 13th 2021 05:08

Bucky let out a soft sigh and then chuckled quietly. " I-I don't know why.. Maybe it's just seeing you cry and being yourself that it's messing with me.. " He rubbed her back while she rested her forehead against his chest. The male lightly placed his chin on the top of her head, closing his eyes for a few moments.
Aug 13th 2021 04:23

Bucky listened to Aurora, not even feeling tears form in his own eyes when she spoke. All he wanted to do was comfort her and it was strange. " This is how you're supposed to feel, this is who you are. And I'm so glad you feel comfortable enough to just.. Let it all go. Those emotions. " He just kept stroking her cheek as she cried a bit. " It's okay to feel again. "
Aug 13th 2021 03:47

Bucky couldn't help but chuckle at her threat. " Wow, I'm scared now. " He teased and then noticed her start to tear up which made an expression of worry spread across his face. " Hey, hey, what's wrong? " He asked softly, mindlessly moving his hand to brush the tears off her cheek with his thumb. This definitely was his soft side, the one only a few have ever witnessed.
Aug 13th 2021 03:21

" I've been around long enough, fought enough battles, I'm fine with risking my life for you. But I'll be careful. " He smiled a little, wrapping his arms around her to return the hug. " I'm not going anywhere, not without you Aurora. " He whispered, planning on keeping his word.
Aug 13th 2021 02:53

" I'm not saying you would, I'm saying you could, and that's not a risk I'm willing to take. You could've killed thousands in the past, but that doesn't matter. I'm sorry you've had to go to so many funerals. " He noticed she looked sad. " You deserve to be treated with kindness, just like everyone else. " The male replied honestly, looking back at her, his expression softening.
Aug 13th 2021 02:30

" I am only protecting you because I don't want Fury in my face, let alone attend another funeral. " He looked at her with a serious expression. " Not a softie. "
Aug 13th 2021 01:59

" Hey, don't let it get to your head. I'm just trying to do the right thing. " He smiled at her and chuckled softly before looking away
Aug 13th 2021 01:41