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SEDONA asked the question
Q. At this point? Totes. I've dealt with you on a bit of a sugar rush. You're just not supposed to eat after midnight right?
A. Yeah, but you can totally get me wet. Like, please do. I love swimming
 Apr 10th 2021 22:50

SEDONA asked the question
Q. You wanna share some candy?
A. Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of giving me sugar?
 Apr 10th 2021 22:01

Latest Comments

You’re welcome!! And they are, aren’t they?
Apr 13th 2021 20:38

You get a indigo tulip!!
Apr 13th 2021 20:32

You'll probably like it okay :^((((
Apr 12th 2021 23:22

Apr 12th 2021 23:08

After we watch this new documentary I found. :^)))
Apr 12th 2021 22:58

Hey, come into the bedroom. I wanna arm wrestle you right tf now.
Apr 12th 2021 22:53

You're never gonna get over the fact that you took my virginity are you.
Apr 10th 2021 20:34

Damn. You lost your question virginity to a sexy boi.
You should be honored.
Apr 10th 2021 19:08