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20 / Female / Forever Alone
Louisiana - United States
Greetings, fellow edgelords! My name is Boo,and I've been roleplaying for a pretty long time now. I love writing romances/comedies, especially if there's something spooky afoot. So, if you have any demons, or vamps, or anything like that, I'll just eat 'em up! All my characters are thought up to fit the particular needs of the roleplay, but I'll definitely be dropping plots into my blogs, so maybe take a peek. I like to think (despite my gloomy aesthetic ) I'm a pretty fun gal, so I sure hope we can be friends!

No? Then at least lemme tell you my rules, geez...

[ Rules]
- No one liners or text-talk
- No plotless Ero
- No controlling my characters (this includes choosing what they look like or their personalities-)

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