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22 / Male / Forever Alone
Idk man - Japan
I'll make a list of fandoms later, don't be afraid to ask if you have something in mind. I will do MxNb, MxM, MxF, NbxNb, or NbxF. I would prefer romance be in every roleplay of possible

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Q. Where have you been all this time? Thanks to you I am starting to regain my passion for Aizawa. THANK YOU!
A. Awe, glad I could do that for ya! You play a great Aizawa, you got a knack for him:)
 Sep 24th 2022 18:31

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Yay~! You're not a lamehead after all.

- liiick. -

Thanks for the snack, Touya! ✧
Oct 29th 2022 13:07

But you're right in front of me. :(

- tugs sleeve -

Come on Touya, pleeeaaase?
Oct 19th 2022 17:29

     Lemme L I C K.
Oct 18th 2022 21:07

     YOU'RE BLEEDING . . .
Oct 18th 2022 20:12