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21 / Female / Forever Alone
Texas - United States
I'm looking in for the following Role-Plays

Persona 5- Akechi, Akira/aka joker,Mokoto,Ann,Futaba
Resident Evil- Leon,Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine
Diabolick Lovers- Any
Original Character are welcome!

Fandoms (see above)
Military supernatural (Yes it exist,dm me about it if confused)
Science Fiction

(If you want to know if i try anything else ask me)

1.Do not hit me up and jump straight into a Role-Play i will not reply and unfriend you.

2.Do not flirt or hit on me i'm not looking to date here.

3. Don't expect a rp just to have er*t*ca,there must be story before and alot of relationship development

4.Please use good grammar,i try my best and you should also,i need to understand you. If you continue to do this i will have no choice then to stop the role-play right then and there.

5.Please provide me a picture of your character and information on them,if you don't have this please give me detailed information on what they look like.

6.Do not leave in the middle of an role-play please tell me,and i will not mind

7.Do not friend me just for your friends list i will remove you

8.No God playing

9.If your character or mine kills someone they must have either enough body damage,or have a vital organ cut or destroyed and not just on the first try unless they have more then three years of practice or the proper weapon.

10.If er*t*c no anal

11. No overpowered characters

12.No one liners,the story gets stale

13. No wrestling

14. If er*t*c the character must be 18+

Okay that's my rules try to follow them,and if you have a question about them please ask me.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. yes
i know
 Apr 6th 2020 20:15

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I would enjoy doing group things if you are looking!
Nov 2nd 2020 23:56

I don't do group stuff. Sorry
Jun 9th 2020 14:07