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(Wade Wilson )
25 / Male / Its Complicated
New York - United States
*Warning* Not for the faint of heart. If you get offended easily or take things to serious then I don't recommend adding me. I play DP to similar to the movies and comics but he is my own version of him.

I want to make this a very important notice * I will not accept any one under 21 just because there is a lot of drug / sex / alcohol reference and remarks that deadpool does or says.*

My deadpool is single ladies and surely ready to mingle so don't be shy to dance around with merc with the mouth. Only reason I have it set as it's complicated is that deadpool is hard to handle so come try to handle him if you think you can.

So going to try to make a short bio of my version of my deadpool. So here we go ! Unicorns Unicorns and chimichangas ! Sorry got a bit distracted there.

" Hi I'm Deadpool and yes I know...I'm sexy and red and black. It makes my ass look good doesn't it ? Well I'm here to tell you my story ! It all started when a big mean purple machine came to the city of New York ! Might have heard of him. He snapped his finger and erased 3.8 billion people on earth and guess what I was one of those people ! I was a normie then. Still a human flesh bag. Any who...when the avengers had defeated the big boy Thanos and brought the people who vanished back I was brought back. But when I did something was wrong. Boom...I had cancer. Liver, Lung, Prostate, and Brain cancer to be exact. It was building up before the big bad purple. I was working my daily life as a mercenary and as time went on and on I developed these cancers. Well what I didn't know was that I was down the path to death. ( A sexy and hell of a woman) Well apparently once I finally laid my eyes on her and finally was going to have the fun of my life I was sucked back into life. Not the Thanos that had been defeated by avengers but a different universe Thanos had a bit of a crush on Lady Death and well he made it so that I can't not die. That's where Deadpool begins. I grabbed my big rubber masturbating boots and got to work because I was given the power to do what no avenger or any other goodie goodie could do ! Rid this world of trash !

( I look forward to plotting with everyone and doing status with everyone ! I hope everyone enjoys my version of deadpool and once again want to remind everyone that it's deadpool so think before you get upset with me. Cause deadpool is deadpool and I'm playing him the way he is. So don't get too upset because I'm just playing the merc with the mouth the way he is intended to be played. )

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