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“ Why hello there~! Lovely seeing you accept my request. But of course, who /doesnt/ want to be my friend! ” There was NOTHING and really absolutely NOTHING quite like Reaver’s big over the top ridiculously enormous ego. You didn't have to be around him long to have to realize that his unbearable load of narcissism was one of a kind. With vanity being the main thing that oozes from every pore and vein of his tall body; the man would be seen coating himself in expensive furs-lined coats like a true diva, the one that would wear the song /toxic/ with pride in his heart. He was a mix of beauty, cruelty, always so attractively lively and animated like the true charmer he is. But his charms are like venom and the seas and floors he paints with blood simply to satisfy that chaotic maniac mess of a mind. “ Let this be the start of a wonderful friendship now there is! ”
Sep 15th 2021 13:09