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(Alex Woods)
21 / Male / Forever Alone
Fresno, California - United States
Hey everyone, for those adding me, I'm OK with almost any rp, and I would like it if you messaged me first if you sent the friend request, thanks

P.S. if I don't respond right away I'm either busy or asleep don't be mad

Also I don't roleplay with people younger then 14 or fifteen

I am now a youtuber, anyone and everyone interested in watching the videos i make with my brother here's the link , if you like the videos please like and subscribe to our channel

Latest Status

So today im officially 21, gotta say it feels like a normal day for me still
Mood: blank
2  May 14th 2019 09:10

Latest Questions

Q. What are foods you refuse to eat?
A. pickles, bananas, tomatoes, and pinapples
 Mar 22nd 2018 15:33

Q. Fav food ever?
A. don't really have a favorite, but there are some foods i refuse to eat
 Mar 22nd 2018 15:24

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thank you for the friend request ! <3
Nov 10th 2018 18:52

Jul 9th 2018 00:47

Pamela smiles confidently "thanks for adding me. Just don't push your luck. I might poison you with a kiss."
Apr 6th 2018 02:36

Mar 22nd 2018 21:09

Feb 7th 2017 04:48

Hello there sir. My name is Isabelle. But Alot of people like to call me Belle. Thank you for accepting me. If ever you would like to roleplay you know where you can find me. *She blushes deeply and slightly hid her face trying to hide that she was blushing*
Jan 26th 2017 01:59

Chi stepped in your way. "Hi!!" She said excitedly. She nodded her head enthusiastically and said, "Thank you for accepting my friend request!" Chi suddenly gasped and her face turned red, and she hurried off.
May 31st 2016 00:17

Thank you, Alex
May 20th 2016 23:51

No problem
Mar 24th 2016 01:50