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(Clumsyblondelemon Clumsylemon)
27 / Female / Single
aspen, Colorado - United States
Lemon is petite and slim, has golden hair that cascades in ringlet down her back, emerald eyes, and a sun kissed perfect tan complexion. Lemon is often described outgoing, life of the party, she’s never met a stranger. However, on the other hand Lemon does have a spicy temper and a reservoir of sarcastic remarks.
Her style is that of a low maintenance it girl. Light to no makeup, but never leaves the house without a trusty set of pearl earrings.
Lemon has an unhealthy addiction to Diet coke and would rather read the new cosmos then eat. But don’t doubt the girl’s kitchen skills the only problem is she only know how to cook large portions. If you don’t want to eat in ask Lemon, she probably knows all the best hidden spots for a yummy bite. The girl’s knowledge doesn’t end there because she also prides herself on her knowledge of weirdly themed bars and hidden c*cktail list.
The girl has a weird aversion to birds, let’s just say it all dates back to a bad run in with a group of crown in her primary years.
Blood Type: A- Height: 5’0 Weight 110 Race: Banshee

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