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(Lorelei Bethel)
20 / Female / In a Relationship
Slender Mansion, United States
"Want to know about me? Well...not much to say, really..."

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Lorelei sat on the ground against a tree with the braille Edgar Allan Poe book Jane had given her for her birthday. She had headphones in, listening to music with the iPod Brian had given her. She sang softly to herself as she read.
4  Jan 19th 2021 23:21

Latest Questions

Q. "Hey love! Happy Birthday!!" LJ gives a huge grin as he wrapped his arms tight around her.
A. "Ah-!" His sudden appearance startled her. "Thanks, baby!" She smiled wide at him.
 Jan 1st 2021 14:25

Ayakashi asked the question
Q. ❝ Kek! Kek! Kek! ❞
A. She tilts her head curiously. "Hm?"
 Dec 6th 2020 09:56

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"Lorelei." She tested the name on her own tongue, hoping it came out right. It sounded the same as the way she said it. "That's such a pretty name," she admitted, having never heard anything like it before. She bowed again out of an instinct that was ingrained into her since youth. It was the bow of her people, and even though Lorelei couldn't see, the acrobat sounded very sincere. "I'm Ty Lee!"
15 hours ago

The acrobat releases her and had a sweet smile on her lips. "There's nothing wrong with doting on the peeps you care about." Reassures that with a stern nod. "But I'd rather not call you Mom Friend if I can help it," she adds with a small laugh. "So what's your name?"
24 hours ago

"You're honestly amazing. Has anyone told you you're amazing?" Clasps her hands together and releases a gentle sigh. "I can't do anything special like that. I feel so helpless when she gets herself in all that trouble." Her heart beats with the most profound sadness. She wouldn't be able to bear seeing her dear friend like that again. But rather than dwell on it, Ty Lee remains hopeful and hugs the blind gal out of nowhere. "She's lucky to have you there! You're like, her guardian spirit."
Jan 22nd 2021 14:51

"I just want to say whatever you did to get Emma back on her feet was amazing!" A thousand praises in the form of a respectful bow. Truly, she'd never seen anything like it.
Jan 22nd 2021 14:11

Emma hugged back, tears pouring down her face. Time for two ladies crying.
Jan 16th 2021 13:11

And with that, she was on the brink of crying, tearing up. "So are you, far more than me."
Jan 16th 2021 13:06

Emma turned to her, eyes wide. "You can...see?"
Jan 16th 2021 12:58

It was a hard copy of various Edgar Allan Poe works, written in brail. Jane didn't know what to get her on the account of barely knowing the girl, so she settled with literature. The book itself proved to be quite difficult for her to get her hands on... she hoped Lorelei liked it, but wouldn't be too offended if she didn't.

❝ Hope you enjoy it. ❞ She smiled.
Jan 6th 2021 11:59

Approached with a present wrapped in silky black lace. Jane was quite a fan of lace; implementing the fabric into her clothing and gear, so why not her presents too.

❝ Hi Lorelei, it's late, but I got you something. ❞
Jan 2nd 2021 08:31

He handed one to her and ate the rest. "Mmmm,chocolate chip" the toon grinned.
Dec 22nd 2020 16:48