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Plothooks For Blaire

⎾ ★ Favorite ☽ ⏌

★ A story that involves Blaire in the center of a supernatural reverse harem in which all of the supernatural beings are attracted to her first for her power and her blood but eventually come around to having actual feelings for her.

⎾ ☾ Other Plothooks ★ ⏌
☾ Blaire's mom is always trying to meddle in her life to help her find her Electus. This could be a situation in which her mom thinks she found a good candidate for an Electus and forces Blaire and them into close proximity to see if the bond forms naturally.
★ Blaire is given an invitation to a gathering for 'powerful' people and against her better judgement decides to go at her parent's urging. Turns out this gathering is simply a way for a fae lord or some other powerful being to force women into a competition to be his bride, something Blaire has no want to be a part of and actively works to thwart and undermine at every opportunity.
☾ Blaire works for a law firm as a secretary and has never met the CEO. It would be pretty funny to find out that the CEO is actually her Electus (bonus points for them also not being human).
★ Blaire lives a pretty normal life, going out with friends and things of that nature and pretending to be human. What if the uber eats driver who happens to be delivering the food she ordered witnesses a surprise visit from her obviously not human father and crazy with magic mother?
☾ In an attempt to win that contest to get tickets to her favorite band's concert, she winds up actually performing a ritual that makes her favorite member of said band feel completely in love with her to the point of obsession.
★ There is a specific family friend who is the offspring of a well known and powerful family in Fei that Blaire's mother has been trying to set her up with for years. In fact, when Blaire was a silly teenager she professed her love for the man, swayed by all the prompting from her mother. Of course she was turned down for being too young and felt humiliated by that experience. She now avoids this man like the plague and will never forget it. Fast forward as it has been a decade and her mother tricks her into visiting home and seeing him again and it opens all sorts of horrible wounds.
☾ Blaire's father winds up going missing, kidnapped with just the sigil of an organization who has promised to end anything nonhuman from the planet. Her mother is just beside herself from the pain of being away from her Electus. It is up to Blaire to rescue him but she is not a very good sleuth. So instead she has to hire the help of a supernatural private eye and together the two have to go on an adventure to find and rescue her dad.
★ Some shadow organization has been going around and targeting magical creatures. No one knows if they are killing them or harvesting them for their magical properties. No one knows what their purpose is and what they need them for, but Blaire's mother is terrified for her daughter since she lives in the mortal realm and WILL NOT take help from them. So she hires a bodyguard to follow her around and keep her safe. For a while he can do just that until one night she is attacked and he has to make his presence known to save her.

⎾ ★ Verses ☽ ⏌
Blaire is able to be transported into other universes, or even interact with the characters if they come to her own world. These are the verses that I know.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Fire Force
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss
Tokyo Ghoul
Blue Exorcist
Demon Slayer
Peach Girl
Black Clover
Vampire Knight
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord
Diabolik Lovers
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail
Darker Than Black
Tales of Zestiria the X
Angels of Death
Sk8 The Infinity
Kakuriyo - Bed & Breakfast For Spirits
Attack On Titan
Fullmetal Alchemist
The Rising of The Shield Hero
Deadman Wonderland
Sirius The Jaegar
B The Beginning
Avatar The Last Airbender
High-Rise Invasion
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
The Misfit of Demon King Academy
Harry Potter
Genshin Impact
Honkai Star Rail
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
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Blaire Cassanoir

⎾ ★ General ☽ ⏌

★Full Name: Blaire Vivian Francine Cassanoir
☾Nickname: Bunny [ only used by her parents.]
★Age: 27
☾Gender: Female
★Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
☾Birthplace: Ganorra [the literal capital of the supernatural realm known as Fei]
Canada is the lie she tells everyone.
★Birthday: June 12th, 1996
☾Currently Living In: New York
★Species/Race: Human/Demon
☾Occupation: Secretary | Secret Witch
★Religion: None
☾Social Status: In Ganorra she is of the highest standing with her powerful blood.
In the mortal world she is simply another person, middle class.
★Relationship Status: Single

⎾ ☾ Appearance ★ ⏌

☾Body Build: Slender and curvy (thanks demon blood)
★Height: 5'2"
☾Skin Color: Pale, ivory
★Hair Style: Long locks that are naturally wavy, though she is NOT above straightening them from time to time.
☾Hair Color: A glossy midnight black.
★Eye Color: A piercing sky blue that can glow or get more intense when she is using her powers.
☾Distinguishing Features: Her right arm is dominated by a full sleeve tattoo that has very recognizable items in it such as bats, a full moon, a black cat, a witch hat, and various other regular spooky icons. The whole thing is set up like a tribute to the Halloween theme.
★Preferred Clothing: Due to being resistant to heat/fire, Blaire is known to be cold therefore she is often "overdressed" as people would call it. She wears a lot of long sleeves, oversized sweaters, thick coats, and pants. While she does try to fit in she can't help but want to be comfortable. Still, when the occasion calls for it she is known for dressing in form fitting floor length gowns that accentuate her figure.
☾Accessories: Blaire is the "bling girl" in her group of friends. She rarely is seen without multiple pieces of jewelry on her person. Her ears are pierced multiple times, she wears layered necklaces quite often, and almost each of her fingers have rings on them.

⎾ ★ Health ☽ ⏌
★General Health: Amazing. She is pretty much impervious to any illness that isn't of a magical nature.
☾Mental Illness(es): Anxiety
★Drugs: Hasn't done any, but isn't opposed if she feels safe.
☾Smoke: Socially
★Drinks: A lot with her friends, occasionally alone.

⎾ ☾ Psychological ★ ⏌
☾Personality: Extremely headstrong and more stubborn than a mule. Once Blaire has made her mind up about something there is literally nothing that can be done to stop her, even if it is a terrible idea. She is hellbent on living her own life and making her own choices, going so far as to do the exact opposite of whatever it is her parents had in mind for her, even to this day. She makes deep connections with people rather easily even though she isn't too particularly bubbly. She tends to judge people very fast and first impression mean a great deal to her, though they can always change overtime. The loyalty and care she feels to her friends and those she loves runs so deep that she would sacrifice herself for them if that meant they could live long and happy lives. She loves to tell herself that she hates the magical and supernatural aspects of herself but she relies on them far too much to write them off completely, subconsciously always tapping into her powers. She loves to have fun, especially when she is out with her friends and is never one to say no to a new experience if she is feeling safe. On the downside, she is very hard on herself, uncomfortable with her own abilities and the powers that dwell in her skin. She is hyperaware of the way the power fluctuates inside of her and is constantly on guard to try and keep everyone near her safe.
★Self-esteem: On the outside Blaire presents herself as being a powerful and confident woman who could care less about what others think about her. All of her friends commend the fact that she is always the one to stick up for them when a guy is being a d*ck and things of that nature, but inside is a completely different story. She has never felt like she was good enough for what she had been given, especially since she would rather be normal than this powerful prodigy of the supernatural realm. She is constantly living with the fear that she is going to be the reason that the people she cares about most die and is always wound up like a top ready to explode.
☾Hobbies: Taking care of magical plants in secret, and learning TikTok dances
★Pet Peeves: Being told what she can/can't do, having to cancel plans with her friends, and listening to the deity in her head.
☾Obsessed With: Anything that has Henry Cavill in it, abridged anime series, brownies, and putting a wrench in any plans her parents have made for her.
★Bad Habits: Takes on most of the burden on herself thinking she has to be the one to solve all the problems on her own, and swearing.

⎾ ★ History ☽ ⏌
☾Key Family Members: Verise Cassanoir [ mother - human]
Declan Cassanoir [ father - demon]
★Background: Blaire is the product of an Electus pairing. In the supernatural realm, an Electus is like a soul mate except stronger on all fronts. One member will be able to feel their Electus emotions and will be able to locate them even if they are hundreds of miles apart. Together the two of them are stronger, able to tap into a power they couldn't otherwise, and when the two of them create children their children are even more powerful. She grew up in a very loving family. Not only did her parents love each other to the ends of the world, but Blaire was the apple of their eye and they doted on her to no end. When she was a child she was spoiled rotten and was definitely treated like a princess, not just by her parents but by most people in Ganorra. Her parents are extremely powerful and are well known for ending the Inter-dimensional War that threatened the very existence of all realms. She was born with a lot of expectations on her shoulders and it didn't take long for Blaire to resent the fact that her parents were practically trying to push her into being molded in their image. Her father always being overprotective wanted to keep her in the supernatural realm indefinitely, always able to keep tabs on her that way, but her mother knew how important it was for her to keep in contact with her human heritage too. So her time was split. She would attend regular human school and her mother would tutor her in magic afterwards. After her elementary years there was another fight in which her parents figured she should focus more on her magical side but Blaire rejected that. She didn't want any of the praise, responsibilities, or pressure that came with the mantle her parents were trying to give her. Instead she identified more with her human side and rejected everything magical in favor for the human side. Hoping she would one day come around, her parents gave in.

When she was sixteen, Blaire was a normal teenager for the most part, aside from the fact that she could also do magic spells and rituals. When there was a boy that she liked she decided to dust off one of her mother's grimmories to find a mind link spell so she could see what he was thinking and if he liked her back. Due to her inexperience and lack of understanding she wound up doing something far worse. Instead of casting the spell that she wanted she wound up taking part in a summoning ritual that summoned a Eldritch Terror like deity from the old days that is all about destruction known as Qorath. Overjoyed with being brought to a new plane it could destroy and consume, Qorath was ready to destroy all of the mortal realm but with her quick thinking Blaire was able to shackle and bind Qorath to herself, trapping her within her own body. Now she has this extremely powerful entity inside of her at all times and she fights a battle to keep her at bay to keep Qorath a being of pure destruction being released upon the world.

After that incident, her parents insisted on her being taught at least a little bit and Blaire agreed. It would be better for her to not make a mistake like that again in the future and strengthen herself and her powers to be able to keep a lid on Qorath. Since then the focus has switched from learning about magic which they still do to her finding her Electus to bring her to full power. Her mother is obsessed with Blaire finding her Electus stating it as her destiny and how it would change her life. For the rest of her life, Blaire has spent her time constantly trying to dodge her overbearing mother, her extremely protective father, keeping Qorath in check and also living a normal life. It can be quite exhausting.

⎾ ☾ Abilities ★ ⏌
Blaire is a witch, gaining most of her magical aptitude from her mother but the addition of demon blood didn't hurt her potency at all. She doesn't need a grimmorie to use her magic, though when doing intense rituals a grimmorie is much more helpful. Most of Blaire's abilities stem from elemental type things though she does have mastery over gravitational magics as well. She has yet to master summoning and creation magic and even the magics she has access to now are shaky at best. From her demon father she was gifted with resistance to heat/fire. While she can still be burned by fire and the like, she has a much higher tolerance of it.

When Qorath is unleashed or takes control of Blaire's body she undergoes a transformation that turns her into something from nightmares. She sprouts tree like antlers from her head whereas her body loses all color aside from her hands turning pitch black. Her eyes become milky white voids and her mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth. Qorath is a deity of destruction. She has the ability to change Blaire's size to being the size of a dragon if she wishes and with one raise of her hand can obliterate an entire city. While being locked inside of Blaire's body limits her powers a great deal she is still a terrifying foe that would rather rip things apart with her bare hands than help any sort of cause at all.
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Admin Stuff / Rules

⎾ ★ Rules ☽ ⏌

★ I will only write with people who are over 18. The admin of this account is way older than that and anyone younger makes me uncomfortable.
☾ I am an advanced writer (is that what we are called?), and as such I need my partner to at least be able to write two paragraphs. With that being said I do appreciate quality over quantity but I need someone who can help me drive the story forward.
★ I will engage in spicy themes within roleplays, but it cannot take up the entire role-play. I need like a 20-80 balance in which 80% is story.
☾ We will not be killing Blaire as she is the only character I have here. I love me some darker themes and putting my characters through the wringer, but let's discuss anything too harsh before it happens.
★ ABSOLUTELY NO: pedo stuff, incest, beastiality, or bathroom stuff. Don't even come at me with this ick.
☾ While the main character of this account is Blaire, be known that her family members will make appearances from time to time, whom I will also be playing.
★ Blaire will have face claims in my albums, so no need to ask what she looks like.
☾ Don't come at me in character already. I would like to discuss what we are doing before anything else.
★ I will NOT change anything about Blaire to fit your preferences. I will NOT be using a face claim you have chosen for her, nor will I make her "softer" or "different" for you. Blaire is who she is.

⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯★ ☾ ★⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯

⎾ ☾ Admin Notes ★ ⏌

☾ I am someone who works from home, is extremely creative and has far too much time on her hands so I love to write. That being said, I can get quite busy. I need my partners to know that I have a life and a family and I will not be able to respond at the drop of a hat ALL the time. There may be days when you get 10 replies from me and other days where you get none. If I am going to need a few days between responses I will let you know.
★ I love getting to know my partners and talking OoC usually to gush about the story we are writing and our characters or even just to chat. This is NOT a requirement and if you are uncomfortable with it I totally understand and can go radio silent after the planning phase.
☾ Please please please help me during the planning phase. I love seeing my partners putting in as much work as me to making some ideas work and throwing things together. Ask questions and we will figure something out together.
★ While Blaire is made for a modern day setting in a world of my own creation, she is versatile enough that I can throw her in pretty much any scenario. Have a character you want to pair her with that is in a medieval setting? Luckily due to her magical background and stuff like that it would be pretty simple to throw her back in time.
☾ I LOVE crossovers. If you want to play a character from a certain verse, I am more than willing to have Blaire wind up in the universe of that verse for you, or BETTER YET, have your character come to the modern world.
★ Anyway, I am pretty easy going and love to come up with ideas and hash things out.
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