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(Ruben Abercrombie)
23 / Male / Single
in the middle, of nowhere - United States
Greetings good sir/maiden. My name is Ruben, but most know me by the chilling call of Black Heart the dreaded Pirate.
yes, I have been known to sink many a ship and burn a few towns... but my style is not all that bad...
though it may take some time to break through my tough and cold exterior, eventually you will find my innermost thoughts.

Likes: reading, cats, telling my crew what to do
dislikes: annoying people

I have a son, as well, and as annoying and brattish as he can be, if you harm him, i will kill everyone on this ship.

his name is Jullian Sikes, he is 9 years old, has a smart mouth, but can be obedient at times. if you wish to speak to him, ask me.

Youth are always welcome.

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