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BlackLung's Blog

Moral Code (Rules)

i. please don't add me and then not talk, it really grinds my gears and i'll eventually give you the boot.

ii. i'm an experienced writer, and i'd consider myself as being literate. i look for the same in my writing partners. if english isn't your first language, i won't hold that against you.

iii. i can play arthur in modern day, or historical settings, you need only ask and we can arrange something

iv. i'm not opposed to smut, so long as it's relevant and fits within our plot, i don't write smut for the sake of it.

v. sometimes life gets in the way and i won't be able to get back to you right away, please be patient with me.

vi. this account is multi-ship, meaning he might not be able to commit to one person

vii. i can be quite selective with who i choose to write, i prefer to be upfront about this so please don't be offended if i communicate this to you.

viii. my replies will range anywhere from a few paragraphs to novella style, i expect the same effort in return but if it's not the same length i won't be a d*ck about it.

ix. building a plot should be a team effort.

x. i will not write with anyone underage, please respect this.
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"Pretty boy? You're kidding me?" | Bio

Born in 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan, Arthur grew up in the Northern US. His childhood was a rocky one, with his mother and father passing away by the time he was 11 years old.

In 1877, Arthur was picked up from the streets by Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews. The pair would serve as surrogate fathers for the young boy, they taught him how to read, write, hunt, fight, shoot and ride. Arthur became their protege and one of the founding members of the Van der Linde gang.

[ Younger Years ]

In 1885 a 12-year-old boy named John Marston joined the gang. They too became close friends and soon became like brothers.

In 1887 Arthur participated in the gang's first bank robbery, it was this event that led to Arthur becoming a wanted man.

Some years after the robbery, Arthur slept with a 19-year-old waitress named Eliza, which resulted in her getting pregnant with their son Isaac. Arthur would visit Eliza and Isaac periodically, helping out in whatever way he could. Tragically the two were murdered by robbers, which hardened Arthur and changed him.

Arthur also fell in love with a young woman named Mary Gillis, the two were briefly engaged, but their relationship fell apart when Arthur chose his life of crime.

[ Personality ]

Arthur is cold and brooding. He can be perceived as unapproachable and often resorts to violence. Despite being capable of committing violent acts, Arthur also has a playful side, which often comes out when he is around those he considers his friends.

He has his own moral code and doesn't believe in "unnecessary killing", especially if it endangers those he cares about. He is self-aware and has described himself as being a "bad man".

Arthur is cunning and intelligent, he is able to maintain his cool demeanour, especially under pressure.

[ Appearance ]

Arthur is described as having a muscular build, thick, light brown hair and blue eyes. He also has a scar on his chin.

[ Skills]

Arthur's skills go beyond those purely necessary for physical confrontation. A skilled interrogator, he proves capable of using not only intimidation and force but also charm and charisma in order to elicit payment and information. He often displays a working knowledge of - or a quick ability to learn - how to operate machinery or transportation, including steam locomotives. Although there is no evidence that he ever received any formal training or education, his journal entries demonstrate a natural talent for writing and art.

Arthur demonstrates an enormous capacity to acquire wealth and material for the Van der Linde gang through hunting, scavenging, fishing, crafting, gambling, robbing, looting, loan collecting, and various other means. The gang's ledger serves as ample testimony to Arthur’s resourcefulness, as he can prove able and willing to produce far greater quantities of money, food, medicine, herbs, pelts, stolen items, contraband, and other goods for the gang than all other gang members combined.

Arthur is proficient in wilderness survival. Though he claims that he never got the hang of shooting a bow during a conversation with Charles, he nonetheless picks up the skill quite quickly. His time riding with the gang has taught him how to live on the fringes of society. Arthur is able to track, hunt and skin animals with the skill of a seasoned outdoorsman. Unlike John, he is also a skilled herdsman, being able to round up and lead multiple animals such as a flock of sheep with ease. Arthur also knows how to swim, and is a master equestrian.

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